Live webinar - Lubrication engineering for wind park operators

In the Wind Industry unplanned maintenance or component damages incur high costs and can have a direct impact on the LCoE, which is why wind farms have a zero-downtime requirement, but this places significant demands on the mechanical components found in wind turbines and on the lubricants used to help operate them. Add to this the extremely severe environmental conditions that Wind Turbines often operate in and the attainment of zero-downtime becomes even harder. Want to find out how you can improve the uptime of your wind turbine - our experts will offer you valuable insights in a live webinar.

Live webinar on December, 8, from 10 – 11am

  • Striving towards optimized maintenance to bring maintenance costs down and increase service life is critical but not easy to achieve. Klüber Lubrication has a long-established and proven record of accomplishment in the wind industry, supporting operators in achieving their goals. Our experts give you more insights referring to applications and concrete examples. We look forward to your participation.


What you can expect

Clean components generate production increases

Over time, grease deposits build up in the generator bearings of wind turbines, which can lead to generators running at too high a temperature. This in combination with vibrations, can cause a temperature alarm and shut down of the turbine, and in the long term will lead to the early failing of the generator bearing. Conventional flushing oil will not fully remove the hardened grease deposits that can build up in generator bearings, but using a flushing grease containing special cleaning particles, such as Klübersynth BZ 68-400, can remove deposits even while the turbine is still in operation. We can show you how.

One turbine: one grease

Having one grease that can be used in a variety of wind turbine applications across a range of temperatures has clear benefits. It reduces complexity by streamlining logistics, minimizes the potential for cross contamination with other greases and delivers a uniform high lubrication film thickness. We will show you a solution for main, blade pitch bearings and generator bearings.


Your contact point for UK wind energy business. We can provide you a high level of support to wind farm operators in terms of lubrication engineering consultancy, diagnostic lubricant analysis, tribological FMEA and engineer training or upskilling. We actively strive for long-term partnerships with key OEM’s and operators to deliver products and support that contribute to reliable turbine operation. Get to know your contact person personally. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support you.

Target group

  • Operators
  • Site Managers
  • Service Technicans
  • Service Engineers

Your speakers

John Purdy

John Purdy

Daniel Narnhammer
Head of Global Business Team Wind Energy with over a decade experience in the lubrication industry. Focuses on operation time improvement of large equipment and product innovations.

Daniel Narnhammer

Thomas Wunder
Sales Development Manager with 2 decades experience in the lubricant industry.

Thomas Wunder

Thomas Jorgensen
Sales Development Manager with more than one decade of experience in wind and lubricant industry and lubrication.

Thomas Jorgensen

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