Sustainability in the textile industry: potential of lubricants

Making production more efficient, safe and profitable. Our speciality lubricants bring your textile production to a new level. 

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Positive effect on your sustainability balance

Changing atmospheric humidity, temperature fluctuations and high loads are just some of the challenges affecting textile production. At the same time, the textile industry wants to act in a sustainable manner in order to live up to its own entrepreneurial responsibility and protect the environment. Speciality lubricants for the textile industry made by Klüber Lubrication contribute to compliance with these requirements: increased productivity is a contribution to sustainability at the customer.

How we contribute to sustainable textile production

To push the limits of what can be done, we cooperate closely with the suppliers of original equipment (OEMs). Based on this cooperation we achieve a substantial increase of the  machines' service life and efficiency and a significant reduction of maintenance activities. The result: higher productivity and lower consumption of resources. As your competent partners, our Technical Sales engineers ensure your competitiveness as textile producer.

  • Speciality lubricants tailored to your requirements: From spinning to finishing - we offer you the solutions which match the specific lubrication needs of each component. Your requirements are the basis for selecting the right lubricant.
  • Ongoing service to ensure optimal results: The specific requirements of the textile industry are the benchmark for us to develop and test speciality lubricants. Our experts have over 100 test facilities at their disposal in a test field that is unique in the world.
  • Innovative services: In addition to our speciality lubricants we offer you advanced services. For example, energy measurements to increase sustainability and profitability, automatic lubricant dispensers and many more.

Applications of speciality lubricants in the textile industry

We see lubricants as a design element of textile machines. They have to match the individual component requirements to ensure optimal performance is achieved as efficiently as possible. With our speciality lubricants we can cover the entire production process in the textile industry:

  • Spinning machines: Excellent corrosion protection for bearings, spinning turbines, opening rollers, spinning pumps and spinerets
  • Knitting machines: Long service life with minimum maintenance requirements for needles and sinkers, slide rails and guide bars
  • Weaving machines: Long maintenance intervals due to minimum-quantity lubrication for gears, gripper looms and chains
  • Finishing machines: Resistance to water, steam, acidic and alkaline solutuions for steamers, rolling bearings, compensators and rollers
  • Stenter frames: Less residue due to high separating effect on conveyor chains, adjustment spindles, needle bars and clips

Increase in productivity by 150 percent: The performance potential of our speciality lubricants

With a view to acting responsibly, the lubricants we design for the textile industry offer a so far much underestimated potential. The following example shows how they contribute to sustainability in textile production. Sustainability and performance go hand in hand.

Klüber Lubrication developed a synthetic gear oil with properties matching the machines' constructive demands. With our synthetic gear oil productivity can be increased by 150 percent and maintenance intervals extended from 8,000 to 20,000 hours. The result:

  • a considerably lower consumption of natural resources
  • efficient and reduced amount of material used
  • less waste
  • increased occupational safety due to lower lubricant consumption
  • higher cost effectiveness for operators

The bottom line is that by using the right lubricant the most efficient design and full performance range can be achieved.

  • The right lubricant for each of your application - from spinning to finishing.


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KlüberEfficiencySupport: Our contribution for more sustainability in the textile production

To make your textile production even more efficient we developed KlüberEfficiencySupport, a service concept that helps you reduce costs, consumption, production loss and contamination in your production facilities.

  • Optimise your energy consumption in other identical equipment. Our specialists provide you with a professional report on your potential and actual savings.

  • Have a look on our wide range of Services: KlüberEfficiencySupport is available to you worldwide. We are where you are!


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