Optimize Your Automotive Assembly Line With MRO lubricants

Specialty lubricants for MRO (Maintenance / Repair / Operations) reduce maintenance costs, extend equipment life and improve overall plant efficiency.

The lubricants you choose for your maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) are critical to your plant's success. Your choice impacts everything from maintenance costs to the life of your equipment. All-purpose lubricants won't cut it. Your assembly line has tons of friction points with tremendously different requirements that can only be satisfied by lubricants designed just for them.

Partner with a lubrication expert who specializes in automotive MRO

We collaborate closely with automobile manufacturers and suppliers to develop and test our MRO specialty lubricants. Our unrivaled test offers more than 100 test rigs, some of which we have developed ourselves. We can adjust these rigs to perfect lubricants that meet - and exceed - your specific requirements.


Our specialty lubricant experts intimately understand your requirements and challenges. That's how we formulate lubricants that optimize the performance  of your assembly line and deliver benefits that matter :


  • Paint shop - Reduce rework and maintenance costs. We have worked closely with paint manufacturers to formulate paint-friendly specialty lubricants that perform at temperatures as high as 260° C.
  • Chains - Ensure trouble-free operations. Our chain oil accumulates less residue and is residue soluble in new material, which allows the lubricant to reach the lube point instead of  being blocked by contaminants.
  • Rolling bearings - Cut maintenance costs and unplanned downtime. We have engineered high-performance lubricants for rolling bearings that withstand high temperatures and pretreatment chemicals.

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Our specialty MRO lubricants last longer : fewer lubrication intervals and less consumption translate to total overall cost savings. To further reduce your investment, we develop and manufacture our lubricants. Our lubricants have paint, e-coat and equipment approvals worldwide.

Get comprehensive, personalized support at every stage

Our specialists are dedicated to your success. From proper lubrication assessment and selection to technical support, we're here for you. We're ready to help you choose the best MRO solutions based on your applications and budget to extend maintenance intervals and machine life.

Optimize your operations with specialty intentionally designed for automotive MRO

Specialty lubricants for MRO make a big difference when it comes to automotive assembly plant performance. There's a perfect oil for all your lubrication needs. And we have it.

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