Our passion: innovative tribological solutions

Klüber Lubrication was founded by Theodor Klüber in Munich in 1929, and to this day our headquarters is located there.

Klüber Lubrication in the Freudenberg Group Klüber
Lubrication is a full subsidiary of Freudenberg Chemical Specialities and is a company of the Freudenberg Group since 1966, which is headquartered in Weinheim, Germany. Founded over 170 years ago by Carl Johann Freudenberg, Freudenberg is a family-owned company with an international focus. Creativity, diversity and innovative capacity combined with reliability and responsible action are the foundations of the company's success. Partnership with its customers in 56 countries, a long-term outlook, financial solidity and the excellence and experience of its approximately 50,000 employees define the business philosophy of Freudenberg and its 16 business groups.

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