Klüberrail ALO 32-250

Article-No: 009040 Speciality lubricant for railway overhead lines

Do your overhead lines require lubrication? Is wear on your wires too high? Then you might want to test our speciality lubricant Klüberrail ALO 32-250, which was specifically developed for the lubrication of overhead lines. This lubricant enables a lower friction coefficient between the wire and the contact strip and hence lower wear. Furthermore, it leads to a better electrical contact, reducing spark generation and enhancing the transmission rate. You will see that Klüberrail ALO 32-250 adheres well to the wire and does not drop off. This and the lubricant's good resistance to water washout result in expected lubricant consumption and maintenance times being reduced considerably. Further strong points of our lubricant are lower noise caused by moving trains as well as a vibration-reducing effect on the overhead line.

Your outdoor-mounted overhead lines are exposed to UV radiation. Our speciality lubricant is highly resistant to UV radiation and thus to gumming even in intense sunlight over long time periods. As its base oil is rapidly biodegradable, Klüberrail ALO 32-250 is an eco-friendly product.

Klüberrail ALO 32-250

Benefits for your application

  • Lower friction between wire and contact strip reduces overhead line wear

  • Very good adhesion enables trouble-free operation over a wide temperature range - no lubricant dropping off the overhead line

  • Good resistance to water washout enables longer relubrication intervals

  • Less overhead line vibration and significantly lower noise caused by moving trains

  • Better contact between wire and contact strip leading to higher transmission rate

  • Better contact reduces generation of sparks and electric arcs

  • Eco-friendly as base oil is rapidly biodegradable

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