Food safety is a critical factor for your success. Contamination of your products is not only costly, but can also endanger the health of consumers, leading to significant loss of reputation. An often overlooked, but very effective, approach to maintain food safety is to use high-quality, food grade lubricants. Perhaps you are also looking for ways to optimise the uptime of your food manufacturing facility. Here, food grade lubricants for the food industry can also make a significant contribution. With our product solutions coupled with individual consultation, we can help you boost your productivity.

  • ✔ Food safety:

    Klüber Lubrication offers you more than 270 registered NSF H1 lubricants.

  • ✔ Six ISO 21469 certified manufacturing locations worldwide:

    these ensure global coverage for supplying you with food grade H1 lubricants.

  • ✔ Cost savings:

    high-performance lubricants help you achieve longer maintenance intervals and improve your food production plant’s availability.

  • ✔ Expert consulting:

    our experts offer you measurable added value through our comprehensive services and expertise from over 90 years of experience.

  • ✔ Sustainable optimization:

    our consulting helps you achieve your sustainability goals.

Our lubricants for more than food safety

Chemical contamination is always a potential risk to food safety in food production facilities. We provide support through our broad range of high-grade NSF H1 lubricants, allowing you to benefit both during day-to-day operation as well as during an audit or hazard analysis.

We are proud to be a member of The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) and a part of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), the CGF's Coalition of Action on food safety, where we are working collaboratively to drive actions that deliver safe food for people everywhere.

Certified manufacturing locations for worldwide reliability and quality

worldwide reliability and quality

Our six ISO 21469 certified locations worldwide ensure the continuous production and global supply of H1 lubricants are compliant with the strictest requirements. Klüber Lubrication is one of the first companies in Europe to receive ISO 21469 certification, and the first in North America.

Furthermore, many of our products are also halal or kosher certified.

Reduce costs and extended maintenance intervals

high-performance food grade H1 lubricants

Our high-performance food grade H1 lubricants offer many benefits:

  • Extended maintenance intervals and predictable system downtimes
  • Optimal lubrication schedules for lower lubricant consumption
  • The potential to make significant energy savings

Thanks to their high-quality lubricants, expert consulting and an optimal lubrication schedule, you can increase the lifetime of your machines and boost your food production plant’s availability.

We support you with expert consulting

We complement our range of high-quality, food-grade lubricants with expert, proactive and effective consulting for our customers. This includes a selection of suitable H1 lubricants, lubricant management, training courses, and solutions that we develop together with our customers.

You also attain measurable added value from the savings that result from the use of high-performance lubricants.

Reduced lubricant diversity contributes to sustainable production

We strive to minimise our negative impact on the environment. Our lubricants and our consulting also offer you considerable potential for sustainability and protection of the environment. In this regard, four benefits can be achieved by lower lubricant consumption:

  • Reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Improved hygiene
  • Lower consumption of cleaning agents
  • Less lubricant wastage

Selected application areas for the food industry

H1 lubricants from Klüber Lubrication are used in a wide variety of food processing equipment applications, with the deployment areas and requirements being as diverse as the different food processing domains themselves.

  • Gearboxes
  • Roller bearings, journal bearings and linear guides
  • Compressors and vacuum pumps
  • Chains
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Can lidding machines
  • Mechanical seals – in particular installation and maintenance
  • Automatic lubrication devices, such as lubricant dispensers

Optimise your production with lubricants from Klüber Lubrication

High-grade lubricants for food processing facilities are not only essential for food safety, they also help to avoid maintenance shutdowns and reduce the number of machine outages. Six ISO 21469 certified manufacturing locations worldwide supply our customers with their required food grade H1 lubricants. Along with increasing system availability, they help to boost efficiency and productivity. This enables food manufacturers to realise cost savings and to achieve their environmental protection goals by reducing their CO2 footprint.

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We support you in all sub-segments of the food industry

Whether baked goods, beverages, meat processing or another food segment: you can always rely on our products and services.

  • Registered H1 Products

    280 Registered H1 Products

  • Years of experience in the food industry

    60 Years of experience in the food industry

  • Countries

    181 Countries

  • Test stands for applied lubrication tests

    110 Test stands for applied lubrication tests

  • OEM approvals

    1655 OEM approvals


Helping customers improve operational efficiency through World Class Lubrication

Click here to see our video illustrating how Kluber Lubrication Great Britain has supported Tunnock's to ensure compliancy and efficiency by using our range of high performance lubricants alongside our world class lubrication service. 

  • NSF registered and ISO certified
    NSF registered and ISO certified
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points
    Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points
  • BRC Global Standards
    BRC Global Standards
  • EHEDG certified
    EHEDG certified

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