Specialty Cleaning Grease Minimizes Wind Power Plant Downtime

Powerful cleaning grease for generator bearings frees residues to minimize maintenance and keep power plants running.

Hardened residues that accumulate inside generator bearings can become a nuisance. Even worse, the buildup can prevent efficient operation. Alarms cause machines to be curtailed, and most situations require operators to clean suspect bearings by hand. Consequently, plants lose out when wind turbines aren’t operating at full power due to maintenance. With these challenges in mind, we formulated Klübersynth BZ 68-400 to minimize costly downtime related to obstructed generator bearings.

Less maintenance allows wind power plants to continue operating at maximum power output

Klübersynth BZ 68-400 is designed to mitigate hot bearings in wind turbines. The special formulation frees residues that accumulate around bearings while providing reliable lubrication against wear and corrosion. Thanks to this unique lubricant, rolling bearings can be cleaned while in operation, and wind power plants can operate at maximum power output.

Klübersynth BZ 68-400 delivers benefits which ease costs for wind power plants:

  • Less maintenance due to ease of application
  • High component reliability due to effectively lubricated rolling bearings
  • Increased power output due to reduced downtime for alarms

Klübersynth BZ 68-400 benefits rolling bearing applications beyond turbines

Klübersynth BZ 68-400 is compatible with several types of base oil, making a versatile, simple solution that can be utilized beyond applications in wind turbines.

Download the spec sheet for full application and benefit details.

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