Silence is Golden

Introducing the much-anticipated new version of the Klüber Automotive Noise Kit

Our world is full of noise and distractions. A pinging phone, the construction next-door, an inbox full of emails. For many, their vehicle has become an oasis of peace that transports us from one distraction to the next.

But what happens when the vehicle itself becomes a distraction? A squeaking in the instrument panel, a rattling near your feet, or that strange noise coming from your center console. Klüber Lubrication has a full line of NVH & BSR lubricants to make sure your vehicle and components stay as quiet as expected.

And we have once again assembled a strategic assortment of our specialty anti-noise lubricants into an easy-to-use, easy-to-demonstrate package. Version four (V4) of the popular Klüber Automotive Noise Kit is now available for purchase. The V4 Kit includes 20 product samples that substantially reduce the noise in vehicle interiors caused by undesired friction, stick-slip, insufficient damping or material compatibility. Auto manufacturers, suppliers and dealers have successfully used the kit as an engineering development tool and for in service warranty repairs. Here are a few highlights of the new kit:

  • Four of the 20 products in the kit are recently developed and brand new to the kit
  • All sample oils, greases and coatings can now be applied from the small containers without using a spatula or other tools
  • All the products are in packages that allow them to be applied directly, like varnishes and oils in pens; greases in tubes

We are excited to support our Automotive clients anxiously awaiting the arrival of our updated Noise Kit. If you have a pending request, we will contact you with information on the new kits, which should start shipping in Q1 of 2021.

If you want to see how the products in the Klüber Automotive Noise Kit can help your Vehicle Program, please contact Klüber Lubrication’s Automotive Global Business Team Manager , Jerry DiNello for more information ( / 248-561-8291).

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