Protect your rolling bearings with Klübersynth BE 44-2001

Introducing a new beige-colored grease designed specifically for the mining and cement industries. You need the promise of a trouble-free operation when your rolling bearings are faced with extreme conditions and a variety of challenging requirements. Achieving both excellent lubricity at low to medium speeds and good low temperature pumpability is not easily accomplished, but both are important to reliably protect your bearings over a wide temperature range. Demands from the mining and cement industries have increasingly grown for a new grease that could stand up to exposure to deep temperatures in combination with the harsh requirements of high loads and slow to medium speeds. Klüber Lubrication developed Klübersynth BE 44-2001 specifically to offer you a solution to all these requirements.

Introducing Klübersynth BE 44-2001: a heavy-duty grease for rolling bearings under extreme conditions. This grease specifically protects your HPGR (high-pressure grinding rolls) and roll presses.

Klübersynth BE 44-2001 is Klüber Lubrication’s new solution for your highly-loaded components, like roller bearings. It's a beige-colored grease due to white solid lubricants replacing the traditional black. The light color allows you to monitor the contamination level closely and adjust the consumption rate easily. A semi-synthetic base improves the low temperature range and gives you an increased viscosity to protect your bearings even more. The temperature range of this new grease stretches to -30ºC on the low temperature range to 160ºC for the upper operating temperature, while still maintaining excellent performance.

Your operations could also benefit from:

  • lower lubricant consumption and longer bearing life (reduced maintenance effort)
  • reduced operating temps (no investments in additional heating devices necessary)
  • extended bearing life and other components exposed to harsh conditions due to very good load-carrying capacity under extreme conditions
  • excellent wear protection under the highest dynamic conditions

With Klübersynth BE 44-2001, you can have very good performance in your centralized lubrication systems at low temperatures as well as high temperatures. Our products, in line with our service offerings, ensure reduced operating costs due to less consumption, improved component lifetime and energy savings. For more information on how Klübersynth BE 44-2001 can protect your HPGR (high-pressure grinding rolls) and roll presses, contact Warren Emmons at

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