New Mobility requires a new generation of customised specialty lubricants

Particularly in cities, we can already see how the new era of mobility, in which a wide array of electric vehicles operate as part of a network, is increasingly changing the world around us.

Yet this modern, eco-friendly means of transportation is only in its infancy. There are still no standardised processes or test regimes in place for many of the new technologies and components. This is also the case for lubricating greases used in actuators. There is a lot of room for improvement here. For the lubricants used in this field, this means that existing solutions are not automatically adequate. The high potential of increasing electrification in the automotive industry especially increases the demand for customised specialty lubricants.

Our newest paper describes the special challenges facing lubricants in various environments using the example of the ball screw as a key component in the increasingly complex steering, clutch and braking systems in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Download the paper below!

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