Klüberbio EG 2-68, 2-100, 2-150, 2-320

Ensure the performance and sustainability of your operation with the proven Klüberbio EG 2 series.

Whether at sea or hundreds of miles upriver, ever-changing variables, extreme weather conditions and the constant wear-and-tear on your machinery means that nothing is easy. With all the variables that need to be considered in your operation, finding the right lubricant shouldn’t have to be one of them.  

Enter the Klüberbio EG 2 series. 

Designed to make life on the water easier, the Klüberbio EG 2 series works overtime to protect a variety of equipment from excess wear – helping to extend your equipment’s service life, reduce unplanned downtime, and ultimately protect your bottom line. And, because we know how important sustainability and EPA compliance is to your operation, we’ve designed the Klüberbio EG 2 with a synthetic ester oil base to deliver high shear stability without compromising biodegradability. In fact, all Klüberbio EG 2 oils are made from over 90% renewable raw materials – earning them the EU Ecolabel Certification for environmental excellence, as well as meeting the qualifications for Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL). It’s just one way we go above and beyond to give you a premium lubricant you can count on – even if everything else is in flux. With the Klüberbio EG 2 series you can expect: 

  • Compliance with the requirements for Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants as defined in Appendix A of the EPA 2013 VGP (Vessel General Permit)  
  • Superior biodegradability – nontoxic to marine organisms and reducing environmental impact in the event of leakage  
  • Broad applicability – synthetic ester oils are compatible with a wide range of temperatures and offer high viscosity, lubricity, corrosion protection and oxidative stability  
  • High scuffing resistance – protecting gear teeth reliably against fretting damage even at high peak loads  
  • Standard NBR and FKM elastomers of the leading propeller shaft seal manufacturers are resistant to and approved for use with Klüberbio EG 2 oils, preventing leakages and impurities  
  • Cost savings due to reduced downtime and longer lubricant lifetime 
  • Available in four viscosities (EG 2-68, EG 2-100 EG 2-150, EG 2-320) 
  • USA manufacturing for best-in-class availability when you need it most 

While Klüberbio EG 2 was initially developed for the lubrication of ships’ gearboxes, these high-performance gear oils can be used in a variety of applications and across numerous industries – lubricating open running drives and conveyor chains as efficiently as they do preventing wear and pitting in rolling elements with high load bearings. We’ve engineered the Klüberbio EG 2 series without compromise to be the fix-all solution your operation needs.  

To learn more about the Klüberbio EG 2 series, or to discuss which viscosity is best for you, contact Jestin Hulegaard at Jestin.Hulegaard@us.kluber.com.

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