Klüber Lubrication combines quality and affordability with high-performance Klüberfluid HT 1-20 US

Wood processing and similar industries demand a lot from lubricants. Oils must hold up against tough conditions: extreme temperatures, high loads, and aggressive media. Anything less than a high-performance lubricant would slow your operations with repairs and downtime. The advanced formulation of our heat transfer fluid, Klüberfluid HT 1-20 US, gives you reliable performance in the harshest of industrial environments.

Klüberfluid HT 1-20 US is an enhanced base oil with excellent cleanliness and oxidation stability within a thermal system so you can continue operations knowing your equipment is properly protected. The thermal properties of the highly-refined mineral oil make it ideal for meeting high demands.

Specially formulated for use in indirect closed heating units, Klüberfluid HT 1-20 US can be used in your closed or open heating systems. It is also easily pumpable at operating and starting temperatures.

The high resistance of this oil to thermal degradation and cracking means you can count on dependable and lasting performance. Its oxidation stability allows the oil to protect your equipment while reducing varnish build up – saving you from costly repairs and downtime.

With Klüber Lubrication, higher quality doesn’t have to mean more costly. Klüberfluid HT 1-20 US is priced competitively but offers superiority over competitors’ oils, protecting your budget while protecting your equipment. The base stock mineral in our oil outperforms the rest.

Klüber Lubrication helps you to be successful. To schedule your personal consultation, contact Brett Gervais, Global Business Team | Wood Panel and Plastic Film at brett.gervais@us.kluber.com. Combined with Klüber Lubrication’s more than 90 years of expertise and service, we can help you find the quality product for your operations.

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