Introducing an EAL wire rope grease that performs

Klüberbio AM 92-142 is a new environmentally responsible grease that protects wire ropes from harsh marine conditions.

The terms “biodegradable” and “wire rope” don’t usually belong in the same sentence.

For one, wire ropes are used in-and-around water. And biodegradable products are designed to … break down in water.

That might sound like incompatibility to some, but to Klüber Lubrication – it’s a challenge worth taking on.

It’s why we got to work when a wire rope manufacturer and customer approached us needing the environmental responsibility of a biodegradable product without compromising lubricant performance. The EAL wire rope products available weren’t doing their job, so we developed a new, premium product with:

  • Reliable adhesion
  • A high drop point
  • High service temperature
  • Corrosion protection
  • Reduced friction for longer lifetime
  • No effect to the wires’ zinc coating
  • High water wash-off resistance

Enter: Klüberbio AM 92-142, a synthetic ester with a specially formulated, newly developed hybrid thickener that achieved:

  • A drop point of 200-degrees Celsius
  • Less corrosion than competitors by 2-3 degrees
  • Superior water spray off Extreme fatigue testing by wire rope OEM

Perfect for: cranes across multiple industries, on-ship wire ropes, shipyards, and ports – now the marine industry can operate at higher levels of environmental responsibility while maintaining smooth operations.

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