Finally – an eco-friendly, multi-purpose EP2 grease

For too long, vessel operators have had to keep multiple greases in inventory to maintain all the applications onboard.

Maintaining an efficient operation is complex; choosing the right lubricant doesn’t have to be.

Compounding the problem is that legacy products on the market are not ideal: clay-based greases are finicky and can harden in distribution lines, while nonbiodegradable lithium greases pollute the water and allows the EPA to issue fines.

With no viable one-stop-shop grease for vessel operators, it was time for a change. Enter Klüberbio BM 42-102, a multi-purpose, cost-competitive, biodegradable grease that can perform.   

Ideal for maritime applications, Klüberbio BM 42-102 was developed specifically for:

  • Rolling and plain bearings
  • Rudder stocks
  • ATBs

And it maintains eco-compatibility without compromising corrosion protection and load-carrying capacity. You can count on it to:

  • Comply with the requirements for Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants
  • Be compatible with common greases in the market thanks to its grease chemistry
  • Show superior adhesiveness and resist water wash-out
  • Be suitable for use in multiple lube points and in lubricant pump systems
  • Future-proof your strategy as you can more predictably pursue EPA compliance

These benefits and more make Klüberbio BM 42-102 the ideal lubricating grease for marine equipment – reducing headaches, downtime, and waste. Reach out to Jestin Hulegaard at so you can make Klüberbio BM 42-102 a part of your operation.

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