7 Ways to Protect Your Oil and Gas Equipment While It is Shut Down

Tough decisions are being made in the oil and gas industry because of an unstable market. If you are shutting down operations in the field, Klüber Lubrication can help you properly store your inventory and avoid premature equipment loss.

Extreme temperatures and high humidity can harm the integrity of both metal and non-metal equipment parts. Metal parts can corrode.  

But with proper storage, you can:

  • Preserve your inventory investment
  • Be equipped to resume operations quickly
  • Decrease equipment loss

Klüber Lubrication has the products and the expertise to help you roll out an equipment preservation plan specific to your operation. With a thoughtful and thorough equipment preservation plan, your operation can count on quality inventory being available in excellent condition when you need it.

That’s less worry for today and more peace-of-mind for the future.

Guard your equipment against the elements and ready it for long-term storage with these recommendations:

  • Spray a protective coat of anti-corrosion grease on the outside of equipment to safeguard it from moisture and other environmental conditions. Hydrokapilla NBU 25 HC US resists corrosion for long-term storage and is easily applied with a hand-sprayer or brush. The coating can protect parts for about 1 year, depending on the application and environment conditions. Hydrokapilla NBU 25 HC US is a versatile product for any and all equipment that will be stored outside, offering external and internal protection for your parts.
  • Contrakor Fluid H 1 can also be used as a corrosion-preventative storage solution. It offers excellent lubricity, improves sliding and has good penetration. It also functions as a rust remover by reliably dissolving rust and oxide layers.
  • Store equipment in areas free of vibration. Vibration can cause false brinelling and premature failure of bearings.
  • Fill gear boxes completely with operational oil or use Klüberoil SU 2-150K US. A dual-action vapor phase oil, Klüberoil SU 2-150K US protects submerged and non-submerged parts. Submerged layers are actively protected while covered in oil. Its vapors prevent corrosion on equipment parts that are exposed above the oil level by leaving a thin film of corrosion protection as the preservative additive evaporates.
  • Fully grease ball and roller bearings as they enter long-term storage.
  • Rotate all equipment manually every 3-6 months, adding new grease or oil to ensure protection. Rotating equipment allows the preservative oil to coat all bearings against corrosion. Be sure to drain excess grease through exit ports when adding more during storage.
  • If possible, keep equipment covered.

An investment in quality preservation products today will insure your equipment for the future. Klüber Lubrication can help your operation avoid losses to corrosion and so that you’ll be poised for a fast startup.

Klüber Lubrication has helped customers be successful in all industries, markets, and economies for over 80 years. Schedule your personal consultation to design and manage your equipment preservation plan with personalized product recommendations tailored for your operation.

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