Car manufacturers eliminate unwanted noises with customised solutions

May 01. 2017

Car manufacturers eliminate unwanted noises with customised solutions

Noises in cars are a nuisance to customers and a major challenge for manufacturers and suppliers, which is why Klüber Lubrication offers a handy kit of 14 damping lubricants matching individual customer requirements.

Noises in cars are a nuisance to customers and pose a major challenge for manufacturers and suppliers as it can take considerable time and resources to localise and eliminate sources of noise during the design stage, but this is a neccessary requirement when you consider the threat to a brand's image if disgruntled customers were to air their grievances about noises in cars.

Noises, especially inside the car, are often generated by minute stick-slip movement between adjacent components, which lubricants can bring immediate and efficient relief to by reducing friction.

Made to match the requirements of developers

“There are hundreds of friction points in every car - a real challenge for your R&D  engineers and noise experts, so it's always good to deal with them during the design stage so that extensive reworking can be avoided," declares Jörn Bechert, Head of Sales (GATEs) at Klüber Lubrication. "For many years, we have been successful partners to the global automotive industry, especially in their R&D activities. Based on our extensive experience, we have created this toolbox for developers and NVH teams. This is how we cooperate with car manufactures to solve noise problems around the world".

Advice included

Speciality lubricants made by Klüber Lubrication reduce noises generated by vibration and friction as well as the creaking and squeaking of ventilation valves, sun visors, window lifters and other components. These greases and oils also meet all the other requirements of the automotive industry: versatile, neutral in odour and characterised by excellent compatibility with plastics - especially the Klüberalfa MR 3 series of products, which offer outstanding properties for applications in car interiors, and being clear fluids, they cannot be seen or smelt and do not leave any visible residues.

"Acoustics experts and noise prevention specialists will find the right lubricant for their problem among our range. And just like R&D engineers, they will benefit from our experts' advice", says Bechert.