Klüber Lubrication GmbH Ibérica S. en C

Klüber Lubrication GmbH Ibérica S. en C

Klüber Lubrication has been a reliable partner in matters of tribology and lubrication since 1929. Our experts gladly support you by solving any problems while helping you choosing the right special lubricant.

Klüber Lubrication

With our ambitious technical concepts and experienced, competent staff we develop advanced, efficient high-performance lubricants, in order to fulfil today's increasingly demanding requirements.

Our product portfolio

Our product portfolio includes all types of lubricants as oils, greases, pastes, bonded coatings, waxes and corrosion protection. Many of our lubricants are homologated for particular applications in specific industries as for example the food and pharma industry where Klüber Lubrication offers one of the most comprehensive H1 lubricant ranges which is available around the globe and certified according to ISO 21469.



We know from asking our customers that they attach major importance to comprehensive and competent levels of service and that their needs and expectations can be vastly different. We have therefore built and developed a range of service modules that complement one another and can be freely combined or selected individually.

KlüberEfficiencySupport includes:

  • KlüberConsultant for all your questions on lubrication technology.
  • KlüberCollege for training your staff.
  • KlüberLubConcept for the creation of lubrication charts.
  • KlüberMonitor for monitoring the condition of both the lubricant and machinery.
  • KlüberMaintain for the cleaning and relubrication of machines.
  • KlüberRepair for the reworking of damaged large gear drives.
  • KlüberEfficiencySupport for the optimisation of equipment utilisation and reliability.


Your partner in Spain

Our goal is to develop products and services that meet or exceed the extreme demands found in the many industries we serve.

Klüber's innovative lubrication programs are designed to protect your equipment and help make your life easier by consolidating lubricants, improving reliability and reducing maintenance costs.

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