Maintenance optimisation: KlüberMaintain

What importance do you attach to the optimisation of your production capacity and lower maintenance costs? As part of our KlüberMaintain services we analyse your machines, as well as registering all lubrication points and lubricants used in the plant to ensure that your lubrication management is performed efficiently, and that costly machine downtime is avoided. All this adds up to substantial savings.

The following KlüberMaintain services are available.

KlüberMaintain services

KlüberMaintain – Optimised processes according to plan

Based on this information, we create an individual plant lubrication chart for you explaining the lubrication procedure for each lubrication point. This is the starting point for optimisations such as:

  • perfect lubricant dosage for a clean surrounding
  • optimum use of lubricants to avoid waste and contamination
  • ideal maintenance intervals
  • ideal application methods
  • improvements to avoid standstills during relubrication

Furthermore, our experts create an optimisation plan and determine measures to improve your TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) processes such as maintenance, training, quality management, occupational safety, environmental, and health protection.

KlüberMaintain – The right lubricant at the right place

Our consistent, standardised labelling system for lubrication points, containers, storage locations and application equipment helps minimise lost production due to potential use of the wrong lubricant. Especially in the food-processing industry our Klüber labelling services help you fully comply with legal requirements.

KlüberMaintain – Using the Efficiency Manager to optimally manage maintenance

We also offer a professional software solution, the EfficiencyManager, for controlling, documenting and monitoring all the lubrication processes in your production. It is a tool you can use to manage all your production-related resources and maintenance activities as it includes the entire production structure as well as maintenance components.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Process reliability: clear and structured planning and documentation
  • Customised: consideration of all lubricants and lubrication points in your plant
  • Sustainability: potential to reduce lubricant quantities, extend intervals between maintenance periods, and ensure long-term savings/optimisations

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