Artikelnummer: 999420 ▪ Analysis provides immediate information on the current condition of the drive▪ Inspection results serving as reliable basis for condition-based maintenance▪ Certainty regarding the condition of the drive and its suitability for use▪ Documentation of all important drive-condition data is provided in a concise overview▪ Regular inspections enable comparison of the drive conditon over a period of several years

On-site inspection for determining the current condition of open gears


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Inspections of large open gear drives are performed by Klüber specialists to gather a maximum of information on the drive's technical condition at the time of viewing. The experienced Klüber engineers use special measuring equipment to obtain the data needed for that purpose. The findings are documented electronically and can be permanently archived. They are also shown in an overview chart. The inspection results are assessed and interpreted with recommendations made to maintain or improve the condition of the drive where necessary. Regular inspections make sense to identify any changes occurring over the drive's service life, which can be rather long. Yearly or twice-yearly inspections are considered sufficient since wear and other mechanisms (e.g. plastic deformation) affecting the condition of a large gear drive progress normally at a very slow rate.

In machines moving slowly, e.g. rotary tube kilns or rotary drums, vibration measurements on the pedestal pinion bearings are not possible. Likewise, slow-running drives cannot be examined with the aid of a stroboscope.

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