Klüberfluid B-F 2 Ultra

Nr. Articol: 039098 Light-coloured running-in and correction lubricant for open gear rim/pinion drives

Klüberfluid B-F 2 Ultra is a mineral-oil-based running-in and correction lubricant especially developed for immersion, circulation or spray lubrication. It contains special additives and surface-smoothing solid particles enhancing the running-in process, i.e. physical/mechanical material removal on new tooth flanks. In the same way, the tooth flanks of drives already in use for some time can be smoothened (correction lubrication).

Klüberfluid B-F 2 Ultra is a fluid grease that is free of bitumen and raw materials containing solvents, heavy metals or chlorine.

Klüberfluid B-F 2 Ultra

Beneficii pentru aplicația dvs.

  • Eco-friendly: free of bitumen and raw materials containing solvents, heavy metal or chlorine

  • Easy handling: controlled wear for tooth flank correction

  • Transparent, thin lubricant film, contains UV indicator for inspection

  • Clean appearance, hence better acceptance by users

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