Nr produktu: 002181 High-temperature oil for continuous board presses

Does your company have a goal to increase production in your continuous press operation? Is your operation reaching for higher speed? How about higher load requirement on your steel belts? Do you value cost-saving and environmentally friendly lubricants? Klüber Lubrication has the customised solution for your continuous board presses.

HOTEMP SUPER GT contains a proprietary oil technology that offers continued lubrication on your modern continuous board presses. This special high-temperature oil offers you excellent lubrication protection and superb wear protection.

HOTEMP SUPER GT delivers comprehensive state-of-the-art protection packages for your presses. Our superior technical know-how came from our partnership with your OEM for the last 30 years. Klüber Lubrication, as a result, is today the most trusted lubricant supplier for continuous board presses.


Korzyści związane z Państwa aplikacją

  • Decreases residue formation and prevents varnish build-up under continuous total loss lubrication conditions

  • Reduces oil consumption and the formation of fumes due to low volatility

  • Provides good adhesion and excellent spreading capability

  • Reduces wear, friction and energy consumption

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