Optimised reliability of train doors

December 20. 2016

Optimised reliability of train doors

Fully synthetic speciality lubricant increases reliability in railway operation

Blockage of train doors often causes delays in railway operation. An essential prerequisite for reliable opening and closing of doors is the lubrication of the door rubber profiles. Specifically for this application, Klüber Lubrication has developed the fully synthetic BARRIERTA L 25 DL lubricant. This speciality lubricant ensures low friction forces between the sealing ring and the train body, thus preventing blockage of doors.

"BARRIERTA L 25 DL has proven successful for many years in door rubber profiles", explains Thomas Kamprath, Market Manager Rail Industry from Klüber Lubrication. "The low friction forces both at low and high temperatures ensure reliable function in summer and winter time."

Moreover, the fully synthetic BARRIERTA L 25 DL lubricant offers very good water resistance, thus it is not washed off by rain. Its excellent UV protection helps to extend the life of door rubber profiles. BARRIERTA L 25 DL is free of silicone for easy repainting of doors and design of adhesive connections in compliance with relevant standards. When subjected to high pressure surges as are often generated when trains go through tunnels, BARRIERTA L 25 DL increases the sealing effect.