Avoid failures on board a ship with automatic lubrication

December 20. 2016

Avoid failures on board a ship with automatic lubrication

Klübermatic FLEX – speciality lubricants in "smart packages"

Excessive or starved lubrication of rolling and plain bearings may cause problems in marine applications. This can be prevented using automatic lubricant dispensers of the Klübermatic series made by Klüber Lubrication. These systems ensure reliable and precise lubrication of the friction points. The Klübermatic range, which is already well established in many industries, is now complemented by the Klübermatic FLEX dispenser - a flexible lubrication unit in compact design, which can be used on board a ship or in engine rooms.

"Klübermatic FLEX is very clean, reliable and cost-effective", explains Dirk Fabry, Business Development Manager for marine lubricants at Klüber Lubrication. "The automatic lubrication system does not only prevent overlubrication of components, but also premature wear of bearings due to starved lubrication while extending maintenance intervals." Moreover, reliable, automatic lubrication increases workplace safety; as the crew does no longer have to perform manual lubrication of components difficult to access like lifeboat davits.

Unlike manual lubrication, automatic lubrication also offers the benefit of dispensing lubricant continuously and uniformly over an adjustable period of up to 12 months. The automatic lubricant dispenser is available in sizes of 60 and 125 ml. Klübermatic FLEX can also used for applications on the open deck as it is protected against splash water acc. to IP 68.