Klüberlub PHB 71-461

Artikkel-nummer: 020508 High-temperature lubricating grease for rolling bearings up to 180°C For low to medium speeds Good pumpability in most commercially available lubrication systems Blue colour, hence less risk of confusion / mixing etc. Good wear protection and high load-carrying capacity Good corrosion protection Resistant to water

Klüberlub PHB 71-461 is a special high-temperature lubricating grease based on mineral oil and polyurea. It is suitable for a wide service temperature range and can be used up to 180°C under continuous relubrication conditions. Klüberlub PHB 71-461 may be applied via centralized lubrication equipment.

Klüberlub PHB 71-461 incorporates special EP additives ensuring good wear protection under high load conditions.

Klüberlub PHB 71-461 provides reliable corrosion resistance in a wet environment as well as good adhesion and oxidation stability. Its blue colour allows simple identification and assessment of general grease condition whilst helping eliminate the possibility of mixing with foreign greases.

Klüberlub PHB 71-461

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High-temperature lubricating grease

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