Klüberplus S 08-107

Article-No: 099077 High-temperature bonded coating for the hot forming of light metals to be applied to the workpiece

Klüberplus S 08-107 is a high-temperature bonded coating with excellent lubricating and separating properties.

Compared with conventional liquid lubricants, this innovative product offers the benefit of being applied directly onto the workpiece rather than into the die.

The water-based product is applied onto the workpiece prior to heating. As the workpiece is heated up, the product dries, forming a coating on the workpiece which then acts as a lubricant and separating agent during the forming process.

Hence the product concept offers completely dry lubrication for the hot forming process.

Klüberplus S 08-107 is a water-based coating with an inorganic binder, which requires drying and burning in immediately after its application. The forming process should then be started immediately before the workpiece cools down.

Normally, hardly any residues build up in the die, as the bonded coating is removed with the formed component. For the forming of more complex components, an additional – preferably dry – lubricant can be applied into the die.

The bonded coating Klüberplus S 08-107 can be applied sparingly due to its high lubrication performance and wetting capabilities.

Klüberplus S 08-107

Benefits for your application

  • High lubrication performance increases process stability, reducing reject rate and costly reworking.

  • Compared to conventional liquid metal forming products, tool service life and mould filling can be increased, leading to reductions in tooling, setting up and material costs.

  • Dry lubrication leads to lower lubricant consumption and consequently a reduction of fire hazards, contamination of the presses, outlet air purification systems and the waste water.

  • By applying the lubricant during a non-productive period of the press cycle, overall cycle times are reduced leading to an increase in the production capacity of the press.

  • Spray application facilitated by very good wetting of metal surfaces.

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