From trainee to department manager

Luisa Bruno is 29 years old and has been managing the Marketing Communications & Sales Support department in the sales company Klüber Lubrication Germany for three years now – quite a remarkable achievement.

From trainee to department manager
From trainee to department manager

Luisa Bruno started her career by training as an industrial clerk in Klüber's headquarters in Munich. She accumulated experience by working in several business development projects and then opted for studying Business Administration, specialising in Marketing and Sales, alongside her employment. In our interview, Luisa Bruno talks about the support she received from her employer, how she has managed to cope with the additional workload, and what it is like to be managing a department when you're 29:

Luisa, why did you go for studying right after the completion of your professional training?

Today it's always important to keep on learning. And in the course of the projects I was dealing with I found that my heart is in marketing. It's just what I love to do. It appeals to my creative spirit as well as to my passion for steering projects.

How did Klüber Lubrication support you in your studies?

The company carefully considers the development potential of each individual employee. Based on that, a personal development plan - as in my case - is generated that writes down how the individual employee can be supported. My employer provided excellent support for me to have optimum conditions for my studies.


You have been managing the Marketing Communications & Sales Support department for more than three years. What has your experience been in the job?

The Managing Board of Klüber Lubrication Germany put full trust in me despite the fact that I'm still quite young. I received very good training on the new job when I started. The team welcomed me with open arms and supported me a lot with all the details involved. Leadership of people was a totally new challenge for me. The team was very heterogeneous. I wanted to deal with each employee individually to utilise and encourage their specific strengths. This has brought about fantastic moments, but also difficult ones. It has been in particular the human relations matters that shaped me and helped me develop myself. I've always relied on my gut feeling, and it never let me down. In my opinion, it is not just the technical expertise but also personal qualifications that are extremely important for leading a team successfully.


What does "good leadership" mean for you?

What's very important is clear and open communication, reliability and individual support. This is not just what I try to do myself, but it's also what I experience with my managers at Klüber Lubrication Germany. I appreciate the open-minded corporate culture as it motivates me and has a positive effect on the whole team.


What has you biggest challenge been?

To keep a balance between job, private life and studies without getting lost in all these things. I had to manage my time very effectively and assign my personal resources with prudence. After all, life goes on also while you're studying. A flexible working hours scheme as well as support from my colleagues and managers have helped me in times of difficulty. And of course there's also family and friends, who have always supported me. I have developed personally a great deal during this time and have pushed my limits.


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