Together beyond lubrication

With specialty lubricants that help you achieve more - with less environmental impact.

Innovative and sustainable — we find solutions for tomorrow's demands.

Everything is changing. Every day. We have to keep up. Constantly improve, always move forward.  

No sooner said than done. Together we are on this journey and mastering the challenges of tomorrow. 

Innovation does not happen by chance. It is formed — from inspiration, knowledge, and experience. We are rethinking the future of lubrication and going beyond. 

Together beyond lubrication


Together we drive the progress.

We are always moving forward, developing new ideas every day to meet the needs of our customers, all with an eye to the future. Customers of Klüber Lubrication expect products of the highest quality – and it’s our mission to provide them.  

For best results, we tailor our specialty lubricant solutions to meet the exact needs of our customers, with a focus on two essential core areas: innovation and sustainability.  

With innovative technology, we promote sustainability, laying the foundation for a world in which industry and environment go hand in hand. Protection of the environment is what motivates us to continuously develop our products – and it’s our customers that benefit the most.    

Our experts make the difference

We’re always on the search for the next step and a better solution. It’s what drives us. That’s why we are bringing together people, technologies, and knowledge from all kinds of areas. 

“The right composition requires experience, knowledge, and inspiration.”


Muriel Mansier Ottavi | Sales Engineer

Expertin Muriel Mansier Ottavi
  • How does the topic of sustainability affect Muriel Mansier Ottavi?

    I have been a sales engineer at Klüber Lubrication for a year and can say with full conviction: I’ve never before in my career worked for a company that values personal customer advice so much. However, I am just as proud that Klüber Lubrication is not only about selling special lubricants to our customers, but also about demonstrating certain values – especially in terms of sustainability and responsible use of resources.  

    For me, sustainability is inextricably linked to the areas of innovation and digitalisation. This is because, above all, the use of digital technologies allows us to become more sustainable and efficient. This also plays a role in the current discussion of a possible ban on PFAS (per- and polyfluorinated chemicals). At Klüber, we are working on finding a replacement for PFAS molecules to provide more environmentally friendly lubricants. However, this is just one of many projects that makes it clear that we want to move new things together for our customers. 

    Sustainability in the creation of better products is something that I also pursue in my free time. Because I’m a passionate maker of natural perfumes. When creating natural perfumes, I work with living raw materials, as opposed to synthetic substances. I only use essential oils and absolute substances. I bring this passion for naturalness and authenticity to my work at Klüber every day to create better, more sustainable products that ultimately deliver real value to our customers. 


“It takes experience and care to create high quality results.”


Thomas Malachowski | District Manager Sales

Expert Thomas Malachowski
  • What does it mean for Thomas Malchowski to be a part of Klüber Lubrication?

    In my 25 years at Klüber Lubrication, I have witnessed firsthand the development of our innovative and sustainable lubricant solutions. I am particularly proud of our water-based specialty lubricants, which we use to prove that ‘environmental protection and economic success are not opposites’. 

    That’s exactly what is important to me in my role in business development, because I want to ‘proactively approach customers’ and show them our ‘new paths’. At Klüber Lubrication, we look ‘outside the box’ to develop innovative solutions that support our customers in their search for more efficiency and at the same time higher sustainability. 

    My hobby as a beekeeper has inspired me especially, since I also see in my dealings with bees how elemental effectiveness and careful handling of raw materials are. And I also find this principle in Klüber Lubrication, where we act 'with maximum efficiency and minimum waste'. Like a bee population, we strive to use our resources proactively and always look for improvements that we can then share with our customers. ‘Together beyond lubrication’ – i.e., together with our customers — that’s what makes us special!


“Bringing our skills and experiences together to perform our best – that is what we love.”


Angélica do Espirito Santo | Manager Controlling

Expert Angélica do Espirito Santo
  • Which role does digitalisation play for Angélica do Espirito Santo?

    I have been the manager of Financial Controlling at Klüber Lubrication for two years now. My main task is to provide financial solutions for all areas of our company, which requires close collaboration with experts from a wide range of departments. Digitalisation in particular shapes my work, and in a positive way. Digital technologies not only enable us to be much more efficient, but also to offer our customers precisely the solutions they need and that will help them move forward. 

    Helping our customers move forward — this is what we want to do also when it comes to sustainability: we support our customers in becoming more energy efficient by offering them innovative and customised products that are perfectly tailored to their financial capabilities. For example, in collaboration with our IT and logistics teams, we have developed a new inventory solution that is both more precise and more efficient, enabling customers to find what they need even faster. 

    In my free time, I devote myself to the theatre, where I not only act myself, but also direct plays. Directing on stage and my job at Klüber Lubrication have a lot in common: both when working on a play and in Financial Controlling, I have to quickly recognise people's talents and assign them appropriate roles. What's more, my hobby and job require creativity in equal parts, as I want to offer both viewers and our customers something extraordinary and ground-breaking.


“Bringing all of our skills together sets the course to mutual success.”


Andreas Berg | Head of Support Systems

Expert Andreas Berg
  • How is Andreas Berg experiencing digitalisation at Klüber Lubrication?

    In addition to the sales-related IT systems such as SAP and the online shop, I am also responsible for the introduction of digital innovations in Sales and Customer Service, and I’ve been trying to bridge the gap between our customers’ needs and innovative IT technologies for 18 years and provide them with the best possible access to our diverse products and services. I am very proud that in the fast-paced world of digital technologies, we are not following every trend, but only implementing technologies that bring real value to our customers in terms of sustainability and efficiency. 

    Despite all advanced technologies, it is extremely important to us that personal contact with our customers continues to be maintained. Technology innovations at Klüber Lubrication do not replace people, but support them. For example, we use an email bot that sorts our customers’ messages—but every message to our customers is written by an employee and not automatically generated by an AI.  

    In my free time, sailing is my passion. Manoeuvring on the boat often reminds me of my work at Klüber Lubrication: Similar to the digital world, you have to deal quickly with changing conditions and adapt with agility on the water. But for me, sailing is also the perfect balance to my job, as I get my head free and re-energise myself on the water and in nature.


“Accepting the challenges of tomorrow – and creating solutions that make a difference today.”


Kranthi Chitithoti | Regional Head of Digital Business for Asia Pacific Region

Expert Kranthi Chitithoti
  • What role does progress and innovation play in Kranthi Chitithoti's work?

    Progress and innovation — no area represents these terms better than the field of digital solutions. By developing a forward-looking platform with a wide range of digital technologies, Klüber Lubrication has been able to achieve significant improvements in our product and service portfolio for our customers in recent years: Our customers benefit from higher energy efficiency, reduced downtime in production, better transparency and control in processes as well as significantly reduced costs — and all of this is data-based and measurable. In my Digital Business department, however, we are not happy to rest on our past successes. True to the motto “Learning fast, changing faster”, we are constantly developing our digital technologies so that we can continue to offer our customers the most efficient solutions in the future. With our broad expertise, innovative products and competent partnerships, we are the ideal partner to provide our customers with comprehensive support. 

    As a certified yoga teacher with more than 15 years of experience in practice and philosophy, it is important for Kranthi to seek new ways to see this world and embrace all that life has to offer. His daily yoga practice helps him to calm his mind and approach every situation with clear thoughts and pure intentions. It also fosters a spirit of enquiry, critical thinking and continuous learning, which are central to both his professional and personal life.


Innovation is part of our DNA

Our innovation culture is based on decades of experience as a lubricant specialist and a distinct understanding of our customers’ requirements. Innovation doesn’t happen when you stick to the status quo – it comes from thinking of the requirements of tomorrow, today.  

Our specialists expand their knowledge through methods and techniques to better identify and understand the needs of the market and our customers, and translate these needs into measurable utility. Our strive towards innovation is seen largely in the commitment of our employees, 200 of which work in the Research and Development department alone. With 13 labs across the globe, 10 sites for R&D and more than 110 test benches, we are a true driver of innovation. 

Has our innovation culture piqued your interest? For more information on innovation, and how Klüber Lubrication develops technology that offers many different benefits, visit: Innovation at Klüber Lubrication.

More efficient, more holistic – we help you reach your sustainability targets

Reduced costs and increased efficiency thanks to lower lubricant consumption and economical dosing, as well as lower energy demand thanks to low friction coefficients for reduced CO2 emissions: at Klüber Lubrication, sustainability and environmental protection go hand-in-hand with productivity and profitability

We help our customers to act responsibly when it comes to people and nature. For the many industrial applications in which lubricants can come into contact with the environment we offer biodegradable, eco-friendly specialty lubricants that are certified under international standards. 

We also improve sustainability whenever we develop new products and services or modify existing ones – and we do this across the entire value-added chain: from raw materials, processing and packaging to customer benefit and lifecycle management. 

With our know-how, we offer our customers support across the globe – and we never lose sight of the environment, supply security and resource conservation

Would you like to know more about our sustainability concepts and environmentally compatible specialty lubricants? Then take the opportunity and visit our website Sustainability at Klüber Lubrication.

Services for more productivity: get the most out of the best lubricants

The partnership with our customers goes far beyond offering state-of-the-art specialty lubricants. Year in, year out, we strive to make savings in the millions of euros for our customers, all under the mantra: tailored, measurable, sustainable.  

As a service partner, we help you to increase efficiency in your operation and save energy. We highlight potential for reducing lubricant consumption and help you to ensure fewer breakdowns, establish longer maintenance intervals and improve overall production system performance. And better yet, almost all industries can profit from it. Discover more about our services for Total Productive Management.

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