Partnership with Graco

The partnership between Graco and Klüber is a game changer, especially where our products complement each other in the oil and gas market

Klüber and Graco customers know that they can expect quality from each company. By working together, we offer a total lubrication package. The best grease on the market and the best pumps available to deliver them to your equipment.

The shared knowledge between our teams really is what makes this partnership special. With Graco automatic lubrication technology, we deliver systems that provide lubrication at the right intervals, preventing over and under-lubrication and optimizing lubricant usage.

With Klüber lubricants, you have application-specific formulations designed with an understanding of the behavior of the machinery where it will be applied.

The combined expertise of our teams results in a best-in-class lubrication maintenance program for our customers in the oil and gas market.

Greater profit is within reach with Graco G5 frac pumps. Equipped with five pump elements for more versatile and simple grease operations, the G5 has been designed specifically for the harsh demands of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) operations.

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