Maximum Performance for the Life of Your Open Gears

Get the most out of your open gears at every stage of life using the industry’s highest performing lubricant portfolio.

Formulated specifically for open gear drives, our full range of specialty lubricants is designed to maximize your productivity and lower operational costs. This industry-leading portfolio now includes Klüberfluid C-PG 17 Ultra, an operational lubricant with the highest wear protection and viscosity on the market at 100°C. Save money over the life of your open gears with running-in, operational and repair lubricants that:

  • Achieve significantly lower gear temperatures
  • Help prevent gear and machine failures
  • Improve maintenance and make inspections easier
  • Reduce unplanned downtime and lubricant consumption
  • Specialty Lubricants for Open Drives and Gears Keep Grinding Mills and Kilns Up and Running

    Learn how lubricants specially designed for grinding mills and kilns operations can help prevent failures, lower operating costs and increase production.

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  • Repairing Large Girth Gear Drives in Full Operation

    Discover how repair lubrication for damaged gear drives can postpone replacement for up to several years.

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Klüberfluid C-PG 17 Ultra: The next generation of lubricants for open gear drives

Lower your total cost of operation while protecting your open gears with Klüberfluid C-PG 17 Ultra. This innovative open gear lubricant based on polyglycol has the highest viscosity on the market at 100°C and excellent pumpability — without the need for a diluent. Specifically formulated for top performance, Klüberfluid C-PG 17 Ultra can:

  • Maximize your uptime through increased gear reliability
  • Minimize your total cost of operation through improved performance and lower lubricant consumption
  • Extend the life of your open gears through the highest wear protection available on the market
  • Significantly reduce gear and pinion teeth temperature profiles and the temperature differential across the tooth flank

Klüberfluid C-PG 17 Ultra Lowers Total Cost of Operation for Grinding Mills and Kiln Applications

  • Find out how this next-generation open gear lubricant can lower the total cost of your operation. 

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  • Get the Highest Wear Protection With Klüberfluid C-PG 17 Ultra for Your Open Gears - check out these easy-to-read stats that show how our newest open gear solution outperforms other products in test after test.

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  • Klüberfluid C-PG 17 Ultra - View product data and all the cost-saving benefits this high-performance lubricant offers.

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Maximize productivity and lower operational costs

Formulated specifically for open gear drives, our industry-leading lubrication portfolio is designed to maximize productivity and lower operational costs. Check out our consumption quantity calculator now!


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