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“Broken open gear” aren’t words anyone in the cement industry wants to hear. Not only does it cost hundreds of thousands to replace, but you don’t have months to wait for a new one. With a partnership unlike anything else in the industry, you have the information you need to take control of a gear’s complete cycle.

“Broken open gear” aren’t words anyone in the cement industry wants to hear. Not only does it cost hundreds of thousands to replace, but you don’t have months to wait for a new one. With a partnership unlike anything else in the industry, you have the information you need to take control of a gear’s complete cycle.

Open gear wear protection of different lubricants

Klüber Lubrication lubricants offer the best wear protection in the market among graphited or transparent fluids.

What the graph shows

Klüberfluid C-F Series transparent fluids provide better wear protection than graphited greases (3-7x) and transparent fluids from competitors (3x), resulting in higher reliability and longer life of girth gears and pinions on kilns and mills.

FZG Scuffing Test

Transparent fluids > graphited greases

  • Higher viscosity provides much thicker lubricant film reducing friction and separating tooth flanks more effectively.
  • Up to 50% lubricant volume reduction.
  • Transparent nature allows for visual inspection of gear flanks during operation (earlier detection of possible damages).
  • No wear of lubrication system parts caused by graphite (e.g. pump plungers).

What the FZG test measures

  • Specific mass loss measures how much metal a gear set loses due to wear.
  • The lower the mass loss, the better, because the lower the wear on the gear, the longer will be the gear lifetime.

DALOG, NOVEXA, Klüber Lubrication partnership bring added benefits to gear oils and open gear lubricants

Most energy efficient gear oil on the market 

  • Higher energy and cost savings than any other gear oil can provide

Energy efficiency measurements at scale
(in line with IPMVP and TOV Sod certified) 

  • Proof of energy savings achieved from lubricants
  • Certificate of savings that can be used for ISO50001
  • Measurement at scale (no research project or trial) - our solution is proven in the field

Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) 

  • Contractually guaranteed savings
  • Lubricant price dependent on savings (no saving = no payment beyond base price)
  • Spread payment across up to three financial years

Best wear protection of open gears in the market 

  • Lowest lubricant consumption possible
  • Longer life of girth gears/pinions from less wear (3-7x less wear than competitors)
  • Better condition of gears, resulting in less replacement costs, gear repair work or unplanned shutdowns

Exclusive partnership with NOVEXA 
(world leader in re-profiling of open gears) 

  • 5-year lifespan extension by NOVEXA for girth gears that have been re-profiled by NOVEXA and are lubricated with Klüber Lubrication lubricants
  • Klüber Lubrication personnel trained to measure girth gear wear speed and capture in NOVEXA's X-Case cloud platform for continuous monitoring

Online girth gear monitoring with DALOG
(world leader in online condition monitoring)

  • Exclusive online girth gear monitoring package consisting of DALOG sensors and Klüber Lubrication lubricant for maximum gear protection with significantly reduced manual work

They're more than lubricants

Add expertise, monitoring and preventative repairs to the world’s leading products:

See how our synergy is your ball mill advantage

We are part of a groundbreaking partnership extends gear life and increases energy-efficiency.

Klüber Lubrication: keeps your gears smooth with key lubricants.

DALOG: monitors your machines 24/7 so you can intervene to avoid disasters (and gather energy-efficiency data).

NOVEXA: precise repair technique so you can maximize the life of your gears.

Read more about the partnership

Longer Lifetimes | Cost Savings | Energy Efficiency

Check out these case studies from the field:

Case Study, UK (2017)

Our Klüberfluid Series protects better than competitors


  • In 2017, a customer installed a new pinion gear on a raw mill, which failed within 11 weeks running on graphite based open gear lubricant from Mobil (M-Gear OGL 007)
  • Without action, the pinion was expected to fail, resulting in the shutdown of the plant and purchase of a new pinion (ca. 25k GBP)
  • Gear pinion OEM David Brown Santasalo recommended the customer contact Klüber Lubrication to seek help and save the pinion by means of repair services and better lubrication


  • Customer and Klüber Lubrication agreed to convert from Mobil's graphite-based lubricant to Klüber Lubrication's transparent KIüberfluid C-F Series lubricant aiming at a lifetime extension of 6 months
  • Klüber Lubrication conducted comprehensive on-site services, including chemical treatment of the damaged pinion, and converted the lubricant


  • Damaged pinion gear was saved and cost for a new pinion avoided
  • Pinion lifetime  expanded from initially planned 6 months to 3 years (was still running in 2020 when site was mothballed)
  • Lubricant consumption reduced by 68%. Total cost savings of 26,380 GBP
  • Reliability of equipment ensured to reach production targets

Case Study (Slovakia 2019)

Our Klüberfluid C-F Series outperforms competitor lubricants


  • A leading European cement manufacturer experienced high wear and vibration (>30mm/s) on their cement mill using BECHEM Berugear HV 10. This led to damage of the girth gear resulting in unreliable production.
  • To fix the problem, the plant invested in a new pinion and decided to avoid the cost of a new girth gear and mechanically re-profile the existing girth gear with the support of NOVEXA instead.


  • As NOVEXA's lubrication partner, Klüber Lubrication provided its repair lubricant Kluberfluid D-F 3 Ultra to stabilize the gear condition before NOVEXA could conduct the re-profiling intervention during shutdown.
  • Following NOVEXA's re-profiling, Klüber Lubrication provided its run-in lubricant Kluberfluid B-F 2 Ultra to polish the gear to maximize the load carrying pattern and lubricant film thickness, which ensures adequate separation of gear flanks and avoids wear and fatigue.
  • Ultimately, Klüber Lubrication has supplied the operational lubricant Kluberfluid C-F 3 Ultra to ensure smooth operation.


  • Possible reduction of lubricant consumption by 40% (from 6kg/day to 3.6 kg/day)
  • Reduced vibrations and more reliable production
  • Saved money for new pinion (ca. €30,000), which would have been required if the gear set continued with the previous lubricant and without re-profiling. 

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