Groundbreaking partnership extends gear life and increases energy-efficiency

Learn more in-person at IEEE 2023 -- April 23 - 27 in Dallas, TX -- Booth #312

Learn more in-person at IEEE 2023 -- April 23 - 27 in Dallas, TX -- Booth #312

What if you could control a gear’s complete life cycle?

With a partnership unlike anything else in the industry, you can take control of a gear’s complete cycle while making your entire operation more energy-efficient.

Klüber Lubrication: ensures a smooth operation and minimal downtime with the world’s best lubricants

Dalog: remotely monitors your machines 24/7 so you can prevent avoidable breakages and gather energy-efficiency data. This information can be used for external audits and internal reporting to prove energy savings.

Novexa: provides a unique method of reprofiling that removes profile deformation and gets back to the initial involute profile of a girth gear – all without dismantling – in an average time of 6 days.

Dalog and Novexa

An all-in-one solution: Klüber Lubrication, NOVEXA, DALOG

You know that your system is interconnected and that one imperfection affects the entire operation. Inadequate lubrication conditions lead to excessive displacement. Vibration and temperature can reveal cracks and misalignment. Profile deformation leads to worsening conditions, and wear speed diagnoses current gear protection while predicting critical wear.

But a monitoring partnership that understands that integrated system will get you the best at all stages of your gear. It’ll prevent failures and upgrade your efficiency.

Our synergy is your advantage:

That’s why we work together as the cement industry’s one-of-a-kind partnership.

Instead of: unexpected disasters, irreparable gears, and production downtimes, you get:

  • Peace of mind: Increased cross-checking thanks to the comprehensive knowledge of three specialist companies, in addition to new decision-making tools.
  • Control of your machines through: easy online access, real-time monitoring and objective data analysis.
  • Cost savings because of reduced shutdowns, optimal running conditions, increased energy efficiency and extended lifetime of your equipment.
  • Less emergencies and increased on-site safety.

Ask how Klüber Lubrication, DALOG and NOVEXA can serve your operations from the beginning of gear life all the way to the end

  1. Contact Warren Emmons at to get started with Klüber Lubrication’s line of gear oils and open gear lubricants.
  2. Receive on-site field service, virtual inspections, condition monitoring services, and online open gear inspection reports based off of DALOG’s sensors and monitoring.
  3. Get more than lubricants. When you partner with Klüber Lubrication, you get a team of application experts, maintenance specialists, and monitoring experts.  That means increased energy efficiency and increased machinery life spans.


Join us April 23-27 in Dallas at IEEE so we can learn about your specific operation. You can decide for yourself if this total-solution partnership is the tool you’ve been waiting for.

IEEE 2023
Dallas, TX
April 23-27
Booth #312
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