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Energy efficiency in the chemical industry

"We know, the chemical industry is losing billions and billions of dollars just because of the poor efficiency of heat transfer systems and heat exchangers“, says Jonathan Venditti, Head of Chemical Industry at Klüber Lubrication. Learn more about our solutions to increase energy efficiency in the Chemical Industry.


Reduce the risk of injury of your maintenance team in the chemical industry

Proper lubrication of critical components can be challenging when the equipment is located in a remote location or in a toxic environment. Special care may be required, and workers may need to wear a harness and/or a hazmat suit to perform regular lubrication routes. Make safety at work your priority by letting our Klübermatic units do this inconvenient and bothersome work. Our Klübermatic lubrication systems allow you to reduce safety risks related to manual lubrication by ensuring maximum reliability of your equipment.


Bring back the efficiency of your industrial equipment

Using mineral oils in high demanding applications often affects the efficiency of your industrial equipment over time. In this video, Jonathan Venditti, Business Development Manager for the Chemical Industry, explains the advantages of our concentrated conditioner fluid Varnasolv. 


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