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What’s next? Everything is changing. Every day. We have to keep up. Constantly improve, always move forward.  

The future isn’t a given. It is up to us to shape it, pushing forward with vigour and purpose. And our employees will come with you on this journey!  

Let’s keep moving together and stay one step ahead: Together we drive progress. 


Everything in motion. One step ahead with us.

We are always moving forward, developing new ideas every day to meet the needs of our customers, all with an eye to the future. Customers of Klüber Lubrication expect products of the highest quality – and it’s our mission to provide them.  

For best results, we tailor our specialty lubricant solutions to meet the exact needs of our customers, with a focus on two essential core areas: innovation and sustainability.  

With innovative technology, we promote sustainability, laying the foundation for a world in which industry and environment go hand in hand. Protection of the environment is what motivates us to continuously develop our products – and it’s our customers that benefit the most.     

We’re always on the search for the next step and a better solution. It’s what drives us. Together we can move ahead. That’s why we are bringing together people, technologies, and knowledge from all kinds of areas.

Our experts make the difference

"We all have many good reasons to care about sustainability. We're also passionate about improving yours."


Roland Lengel | Team Lead Sustainable Material Concepts

Expert Roland Lengel
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    Sustainability has become a core requirement for every development project for a long time now – the more responsible use of resources must be considered more strongly than ever across sectors and industries. As the father of two young children, I strongly support the increased focus on sustainability, because it is our responsibility to preserve our planet for future generations. Working today on sustainable solutions for the coming decades has been my job in the Advance Engineering Department at Klüber Lubrication for years. We think holistically and create innovative platform technologies that promote sustainability through their broad applicability – both for our customers and with regard to our own production processes. Our clearly defined goals: To focus on the use of sustainable raw materials as early as possible in our product development, to offer data-based services for better energy efficiency, and to also provide comprehensive support to our customers in the use of our lubricant solutions.

"Hard work, persistence, passion. Some of the lesser known ingredients to make progress.”


Susanne Heckel | Head of GBT Support Team & GBT Handprint Coordinator

Expert Susanne Heckel
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    For more than 25 years, Klüber Lubrication has focused on the interaction of product and effect in regard to sustainability. As Handprint Coordinator for our global division, I am committed to ensuring that we are not satisfied with what we have achieved so far, but that we continuously make our lubricants more sustainable – and this with a view on the entire value chain. The approach whereby companies only focus on their own greenhouse gas emissions is no longer sufficient for effective sustainability procurement. When developing our lubricant solutions, we not only ensure that our products are more energy-efficient and thus more sustainable, but also help our customers reduce their own footprint and achieve their own climate targets. This is the standard by which we are measured, both by our customers and by international CSR rating agencies. 

"In the long run, there will be no performance without sustainability."


Tilman Renz | Group Leader Operations Strategy and Support

Expert Tilman Renz
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    The idea that we should strive for more sustainability was present even during my time at school, which is why I focused my studies on geo-ecology and economics at university. Companies must do anything they can to make sure future generations on all continents find themselves on a healthy and liveable planet. I joined Klüber Lubrication 15 years ago because our products decisively contribute to better sustainability for our customers: advanced lubricants increase energy efficiency of their equipment, long-term lubrication reduces the consumption of resources, and biologically degradable products prevent contamination of sensitive habitats. It motivates me to work with committed colleagues to optimize our processes in terms of sustainability. A key goal is climate neutrality. To achieve this, we must increasingly take into account raw material extraction, product applications and recyclability.

Innovation is part of our DNA

Our innovation culture is based on decades of experience as a lubricant specialist and a distinct understanding of our customers’ requirements. Innovation doesn’t happen when you stick to the status quo – it comes from thinking of the requirements of tomorrow, today.  

Our specialists expand their knowledge through methods and techniques to better identify and understand the needs of the market and our customers, and translate these needs into measurable utility. Our strive towards innovation is seen largely in the commitment of our employees, 200 of which work in the Research and Development department alone. With 13 labs across the globe, 10 sites for R&D and more than 110 test benches, we are a true driver of innovation. 

Has our innovation culture piqued your interest? For more information on innovation, and how Klüber Lubrication develops technology that offers many different benefits, visit: Innovation at Klüber Lubrication.

More efficient, more holistic – we help you reach your sustainability targets

Reduced costs and increased efficiency thanks to lower lubricant consumption and economical dosing, as well as lower energy demand thanks to low friction coefficients for reduced CO2 emissions: at Klüber Lubrication, sustainability and environmental protection go hand-in-hand with productivity and profitability

We help our customers to act responsibly when it comes to people and nature. For the many industrial applications in which lubricants can come into contact with the environment we offer biodegradable, eco-friendly specialty lubricants that are certified under international standards. 

We also improve sustainability whenever we develop new products and services or modify existing ones – and we do this across the entire value-added chain: from raw materials, processing and packaging to customer benefit and lifecycle management. 

With our know-how, we offer our customers support across the globe – and we never lose sight of the environment, supply security and resource conservation

Would you like to know more about our sustainability concepts and environmentally compatible specialty lubricants? Then take the opportunity and visit our website Sustainability at Klüber Lubrication.

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