Hydropower is the most important renewable energy source worldwide. With Klüber Lubrication it is now even more efficient.

Sustainable and efficient.

With an efficiency of more than 90%, hydropower is the most efficient technology for generating energy.

Environmental and Renaturalisierungsmaßnahmen, sustainability goals and cost pressures pose as operators again and again to new challenges. Klüber Lubrication, together with a leading European manufacturer of electrical equipment, has found a sustainable solution for increasing efficiency without modifications and high investments.

Klüberoil EE 1-46

Klüberoil EE 1-46 is a semi-synthetic plain bearing oil that can increase th efficiency of plain bearings in generators. Additization is tailored to the compatibility with plain bearing materials.

The turbine oil meets the requirements of the DIN 51515-2 standard and can be used in all types of hydropower plants.


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  • High system and energy efficiency over a wide temperature range due to loss reduction in plain bearings
  • low foaming tendency and high oxidation stability
  • long oil change intervals
  • Realization of a high component life
  • Meets the requirements of DIN 51515-2 standard for turbine oils

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