World Class Lubrication

At Klüber Lubrication we don't just look to supply our customers with high performance lubricants, we also want to support our customers in their drive for autonomous maintenance and to reach World Class Lubrication standards.

Our World Class Lubrication program will help you:

  • Simplify and improve lubrication practices and procedures
  • Increase the understanding of lubrication for staff via training for Operators and Engineers
  • Reducing the need for repeated lubrication interventions
  • Implement lubrication related continuous improvement strategies

What is World Class Lubrication?

A World Class Lubrication Programme is designed to improve the reliability and efficiency of your manufacturing processes and not surprisingly runs parallel with TPM pillars.

Total Productive Management (TPM) takes a holistic approach to production processes with the objective of moving from a reactive approach to a proactive approach by focusing on best practice, knowledge transfer and compliance to achieve your goals of efficiency improvement under the umbrella of brand protection and consumer safety.

The programme can be run in-house or contracted out as a stand-alone process, or run as part of a wider Operator Asset Care / Autonomous Maintenance / TPM Programme


In reaching these standards we support customers in minimizing break downs, increasing machine availability, extending machine life cycles, reducing costs, achieving audit compliance and improving safety.

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