More Than Food Safe

Manufacturers of food, beverage and pharmaceutical products know that using the correct ingredients are key to making a good product, but this philosophy applies to the selection of operating materials used in your plant as well.

The lubricants used to operate your machinery must be safe for the consumer, but also meet the demands of the application to reduce maintenance tasks and improve operational efficiency.

High profile product recalls linked to contaminants and recent updates to BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8 have seen a greater emphasis placed on having a strong food safety culture, with companies taking a top-down approach and end-to-end prioritization on food safety to ensure products leaving their facilities are safe and traceable.

As well as the largest range of H1 products certified according to ISO 21469 standards we are also members of EHEDG and a BRC Partner, so we can also support you with your audit preparation and be part of your food safety initiatives from the start.

Customer Testimonial

“We have seen a great improvement in machine efficiency in our ovens department…the lubricant works extremely well”.

[When we started] project A, the goal was definitely to improve our standards and to make the audit experience easier. The fact that the auditor loves the lubrication cabinets is great for us. They take care of themselves really as they are so well laid out, this is one thing that we don’t really need to worry about for future audits”.

                                                  Stuart Loudon, Engineer. Tunnock’s


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