Don't let lubrication and maintenance tasks let you down

Companies are now taking a top-down approach and end-to-end prioritization on food safety to ensure products leaving their facilities are safe and traceable. This approach also incorporates lubricants and lubrication tasks. 

Standard Processes for Food Safety Audits

  • Regularly monitor your operating environment and document any potential areas of cross contamination with the measures you have put in place to minimize risk
  • Keep a comprehensive list of the lubricants used on site (with the complete description). Record exactly where each lubricant is used and how much is used in each application area
  • Make sure that the lubricant stock is managed correctly
  • Document the ongoing internal security initiatives (including routine review of safety data sheets and certifications)
  • Carry out regular checks in order to identify and correct any problems in good time before an official inspection - usually the point of view of third parties also helps here.

Klüber Lubrication are a member of EHEDG and can provide a broad range of H1 lubricants with over 270 NSF registered products for the food industy. We  also have the largest number of ISO 21469 certified production sites globally.


Auditors will want to see that lubricants are being used correctly and in the correct area, therefore you will need to ensure that you have the correct preventative measures in place to ensure food safety and compliance. An auditor will also want to review the processes in place to transport lubricants to the asset/machine to ensure there is no risk of cross-contamination.

Audits can be internal, regulatory or by request from a customer so it is best to be well prepared, which is why we have created our Audit Preparation Whitepaper.

Your advantages when using the right lubricants

Using food grade lubricants is not only an effective way of maintaining food safety, but also a way of optimising uptime by extending maintenance intervals and increasing energy savings.

“We have seen a great improvement in machine efficiency in our ovens department…the lubricant works extremely well”.

[When we started] project A, the goal was definitely to improve our standards and to make the audit experience easier. The fact that the auditor loves the lubrication cabinets is great for us. They take care of themselves really as they are so well laid out, this is one thing that we don’t really need to worry about for future audits”.

                                                 Stuart Loudon, Engineer. Tunnock’s


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