High-performance lubricants - now with more respect for nature.

In offshore wind turbines in particular, leaks, over-lubrication or damaged seals can lead to serious environmental problems. With biodegradable lubricants, you can prevent seawater pollution without compromising on performance. In our new whitepaper you will learn in detail how you can benefit from biodegradable lubricants.

Biodegradable lubricants with positive impact on efficiency and the environment

With our lubricant know-how and our experience from other sensitive industries, we develop biodegradable special lubricants that contribute to better sustainability of the entire wind turbine operation. We have managed to perfectly harmonise performance and environmental protection.

Biodegradable high-performance lubricants. Absolutely a wind-win situation.

Find out why biodegradable specialty lubricants are the all-in-one solution for environmentally friendly and cost-efficient offshore systems.

Request our brand new & cost-free whitepaper "Sustainability meets Performance" for download and get valuable insights into:

  • Biodegradability as an upcoming trend in the offshore industry
  • Potential impact of shipping regulations on the wind industry
  • Offshore plants - current problems of large wind farms
  • Test results of biodegradable lubricants for wind turbines

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