Facing the MOSH and MOAH challenge: Because food safety is people safety!

Do you know what is really the problem with MOSH and MOAH?

The first step to solve a problem is to understand what it is all about. Paolo Spolaore, Global Head of Food Industry and Felix Fahrnbauer, Head of Analytics at Klüber Lubrication, give you a concise overview of the most important aspects.


How to reduce the risk of MOSH and MOAH contamination

  • Working in the food, beverage or packaging industry, you know perfectly well how serious the topic of food safety is. Reports about MOSH and MOAH detections can have disastrous effects, not just in the form of costly product recalls, but they can also cause irrefutable damage to a company’s reputation.

    The good news is: Minimising the risk of contamination of MOSH/MOAH through lubricants is possible if you have the right partner.

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