Food safety is people safety!

Food safety is a critical factor for your success. Contamination of your products is not only costly, but can also endanger the health of consumers, leading to significant loss of reputation. An often overlooked, but very effective, approach to maintain food safety is to use high-quality, food grade lubricants. Perhaps you are also looking for ways to optimise the uptime of your food manufacturing facility. Here, food grade lubricants for the food industry can also make a significant contribution. With our product solutions coupled with individual consultation, we can help you boost your productivity.

Often overlooked, but with a big impact on food production processes: lubricants

For quality management, audit preparation and related tasks, where everybody is working in a busy environment and under pressure, it is crucial to make processes efficient. This helps to ensure better compliance with quality standards and regulations in production. And as a result, the preparation and execution of audits also go better and with more efficiency if the processes have been systematically optimised in advance. Among the numerous components used in a production plant making an important contribution to smooth success, one element that contributes to food safety is often overlooked: the lubricant. As a rule, the term „food-grade lubricants“ is used for products which are safe for unavoidable or unintentional contact with food simply because of their formulation. But this only covers a narrow range of the advantages that precisely fitting lubricants have: Rather, customer-oriented lubricant manufacturers offer advice and services that can provide important contributions to the organisation and establishment of process structures beyond the products. Lubricant management is thus also an essential building block in the establishment of efficient processes.

A simple step towards food safety

  • If you work in the food, beverage or packaging industry, you know exactly how serious the issue of food safety is. Contamination of your products can have disastrous consequences, not only in the form of costly recalls, but it can also irrefutably damage a company's reputation.

    Well-optimised processes embed food safety into your production and also make it easier for you to pass the next audit.

    The good news is: Minimising the risks of contamination or of not passing the next audit through lubricants is possible if you have the right partner at your side.

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