With LubeRight®, our lubricants are optimally applied.

How much, when, what - with LubeRight®, a computer-based RFID hand lubrication system, absolutely everything is documented.

How much, when, what - with LubeRight®, a computer-based RFID hand lubrication system, absolutely everything is documented.

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A sustainable, innovative lubrication system that helps our specialty lubricants perform at their best!

The right lubricant, in the right place, in the exactly required quantity - with the LubeRight® manual lubrication system, this is possible.

LubeRight® gives the user an overview of all manual lubrication work and more safety during maintenance work. The system identifies each lube point and shows the correct amount of grease to be applied. It then delivers all data to the associated software, confirming each lube point and preventing them from being forgotten. The risk of unplanned downtime is effectively reduced and you are prepared for the next audit.

The LubeRight® system from ASSALUB consists of:

  • Special nipples with RFID transponders, which are attached to the lube points. Each transponder has a unique ID number and thus uniquely and permanently identifies the lube point.
  • Grease meter with RFID reader; reads the transponder identity, displays the recommended lubricant quantity and reports the performed lubrication activity back to the software.
  • Software that stores all lube point data and alerts when lubrication points are forgotten. The LubeRight® hardware can also interoperate with other software programs via an interface created.
nipples with RFID transponders

What customers say:
The LubeRight MKII system has been implemented in two large plants at our company since 2021.
In addition to making work easier for the operator, who receives specifications on the lube points and quantities to be operated via the grease meter, the system offers optimum traceability of the work performed via the database.

Omissions are thus immediately detected and do not lead to expensive unplanned downtime. It is also easy to make adjustments to lubrication intervals and quantities at any time.

Günther Kind , Manager Projects & Autonomous Maintenance - SIG Combibloc GmbH Linnich

Video: LubeRight®

In the video, the RFID hand lubrication system LubeRight® is briefly explained and you can see the advantages of the system.


Your benefits:

  • Complete documentation of all lubrication activities - from planning to execution perfectly documented for the next audit and impossible to manipulate.
  • Maximum operational reliability - no more forgotten or missed relubrications.
  • Flexible manpower planning - Lubrication tasks can be easily performed without the need for extensive employee training.
  • Sustainable use of lubricants - without quantity mismatches and lubricant wastage.
  • Advantageous in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies and other companies in the process industry
  • Successful with speciality lubricants from Klüber Lubrication
LubeRight case with grease nipple and connecting cable

Our distributors:

Worldwide (except Austria):
Ralf Kluschewski 
LUBRIMATIK GmbH - ASSALUB representative 
mail: rk@lubrimatik.de

For Austria:
Lukas Schulz
ss.LUBAC GmbH -representative for Austria
mail: office@sslubac.com

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