Thread Compounds

Speciality lubricants for casing, tubing and drill pipe

Thread compound, commonly known as “pipe dope” has been used to join the threaded connections of tubing and casing tubes. These compounds provide the sealing properties to the pipe connections throughout a wide range of temperatures. Dopes are hydrocarbon resistant for the obvious reasons and provide lubrication to the connections during the thread engagement avoiding galling while maintaining the connection's mechanical integrity. Depending on specific application, its purpose is to seal, lubricate and protect the threaded connections from corrosion (oxidisation).

Klüber Lubrication offers a full range of compounds to address costly issues in the field such as galling, seizing and leaking.  All our thread compounds (excluding the storage compounds) contain a multi-stage tackifier package, which increases the compound's tackiness and allows product to be evenly distributed into all the cracks and crevasses on a pipe's thread profile. The multi-stage tackifier package ensures the thread compound sticks to the pipe and do not drip off resulting in waste.

Your benefits at a glance

  • All products conform to API 5A3 Specification Guidelines
  • Consistent friction factor (per API RP7A1) to ensure proper torque on drill string
  • High quality additives to resist galling or damage of connection contact surfaces during make up and break-out
  • Excellent sealing properties to maintain pipe integrity
  • Physical and chemical stability both in service as well as in storage conditions
  • Effective application and adherence to the connection contact surfaces including surface contaminated by Oil Based Mud (OBM) and H2S
  • Lead-free and heavy metal-free alternatives
Products Product description
Klüberlub DP Copper Plus High quality drill pipe and storage compound for extreme environments
Klüberlub DP Zinc 50% Zinc-based drill pipe and tool joint compound
Klüberlub DP HMF Metal-free drill pipe and tool joint compound
Klüberlub OCTG HMF TFE Metal-free production thread compound with TFE
Klüberlub OCTG MP Multi-purpose production and storage compound
Klübersustain SA 42-41 OS OSPAR approved, yellow rated, environmentally friendly, drilling and production compound
Klüber Weather Protect Storage compound for threaded connections