Gas Compressors

Speciality lubricants for process gas compressors

Each individual compressor in your refinery makes a valuable contribution to your annual production result. Compressors are the most critical and cost-intensive element in your plant and require heightened maintenance attention.

Klüber Lubrication offers speciality lubricants that ensure a product quality that increases the reliability, availability and production capacity of compressors.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Less downtime due to maintenance
  • Lower spare parts cost
  • Higher reliability in operation and manufacturing
  • Higher availability
  • Optimum economic efficiency

The below table contains the most important compressor oils for use in oil refineries. In-depth consultation with our experts is essential to ensure the selection of the right oil.

Products Applications and benefits
Klüber Summit NGSH series For lubrication of reciprocating and screw-type compressors for natural  gas
Good anticorrosive characteristics
Effective corrosion protection 
Klüber Summit PGS series For lubrication of reciprocating, screw-type and rotary vane compressors for natural and process gas
Resistant to dilution and absorption by hydrocarbon gases
Klüber Summit PGI series For lubrication of propane gas compressors, e.g. refrigeration compressors
Resistant to dilution and absorption by hydrocarbon gases
Klüber Summit NGL series For high-pressure reciprocating compressors compressing natural gas, carbon dioxide or process gas
Highly resistant to dilution and absorption by hydrocarbon gas
Good chemical resistance to process gas
Good wear protection leading to longer component life
Klüber Summit  DSL series For process gas compression without damage to downstream metal catalysts