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Klüber Lubrication Korea Ltd. has been your partner for specialty lubricants and services in the field of tribology and lubrication engineering since 1979.

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Innovative tribological solutions are our passion. Through personal contact and consultation, we help our customers to be successful. With our ambitious technical concepts and experienced, competent staff we fulfil today's increasingly demanding requirements by manufacturing efficient high-performance lubricants.

Your partner in South Korea

Our goal is to develop products and services that meet or exceed the extreme demands found in the many industries we serve.
Klüber Lubrication's innovative lubrication programs are designed to protect your equipment and help make your life easier by consolidating lubricants, improving reliability and reducing maintenance costs.

Correspondence please send to
Klüber Lubrication Korea Ltd (Po-Hang)
90, Chulgansandan-Ro 66, Daesong-Myun
Nam-Ku, Pohang City, Gyungsangbuk-Do
TEL : +82-51-278-5151
FAX : +82-51-278-5155

Sales Area: Gyungsang, Zhenla Province

Global Excellence. Local presence

Klüber Lubrication has a worldwide network of 14 manufacturing facilities, which ensure that we reach you. One such facility is located in Po-hang city, South Korea. This enables us to stay in close contact with our customers and provide support across the globe.

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Special offer for you – KlüberEfficiencySupport

Longterm, reliable and effective machine operation is the most important for every manufacturer and operator, no matter from which branche. The right lubricants offer the potential to decrease energy, spare parts and maintainance costs, as well as to increase productivity. For the best results companies use besides high-tech lubricants also special service programme from Klüber Lubrication, which offers significant added value and well proven solutions.


KlüberEnergy: Optimalization of energy efficiency         
KlüberMaintain: Maintainance optimalization                
KlüberMonitor: Productivity growth based on lubricants and machine parts analyses    
KlüberRenew: Increasing of equipment service life

Contact: please contact to Klüber Lubrication Korea Ltd (PO-HANG)

Klüber Lubrication Korea Ltd.
[07325] 122, 22F, HP Building, 83, Uisadangdae-ro,
Tel.: +82 2 782 5151
Fax: +82 70-4275-1169