Trouble free steel making with the right lubricants

August 10. 2018

Trouble free steel making with the right lubricants

Klüberplex HB 98-601 BH: High temperature grease for bearings

The greatest concern for maintenance managers in the steel industry is the stoppage of machines due to mechanical failure. Many of these failures result due to the unavailability of the lubricants at the machine elements. These lubricants not only get exposed to high temperatures, high loads, constant vibration, and contamination with water, steam and acids but also need to travel effortless to the desired lubrication points without getting blocked in the lubrication lines.

The failure of the grease to reach all the machine parts can lead to breakdown of equipment, longer shutdown times and loss of production. It also poses serious health hazards to the maintenance personnel who have to frequently inspect the machines in these conditions. It is therefore important that the lubricant used in such applications should not get hardened at high temperatures or lose its special load carrying characteristics.

Klüber Lubrication has developed an array of specialty lubricants that respond to each of these challenges – no matter which part of the steel production process it is – from raw material processing, steel making and rolling to galvanizing and packing.

Klüberplex HB 98-601 BH is a semi synthetic oil based high temperature grease with a high load carrying capability. Klüberplex HB 98-601 BH can be used in rolling and plain bearings applications subjected to high temperatures and high loads functioning under low/medium speed and even high torque conditions. The lubricant does not harden during operation thereby ensuring that machines run smoothly. This grease has also shown excellent results in the problem prone areas like- Continuous steel casters.

  • Proven innovative chemistry to facilitate smooth flow of grease in high temperature applications
  • Superior high temperature characteristics that provide superb lubrication for high temperature applications
  • Integrated calcite particles that make it suitable for use in high load applications and in extending the life of bearings.
  • Excellent adhesion properties that prevent grease leakage from bearings even under extreme vibration.
  • Exceptional pumpability, which enables Klüberplex HB 98-601 BH to be used in centralised lubrication systems even at extreme temperatures of upto 250 ºC. The grease can also be applied manually using a grease gun, brush or spatula.
About Klüber Lubrication

Klüber Lubrication is one of the world's leading manufacturers of specialty lubricants, offering high-end tribological solutions to virtually all industries and markets worldwide. Most products are developed and made to specific customer requirements. During its more than 80 years of existence, Klüber Lubrication has provided high-quality lubricants, thorough consultation and extensive services, which has earned it an excellent reputation in the market. The company holds all common industrial certifications and operates a testing section hardly rivalled in the lubricants industry.

Klüber Lubrication, set up as a retail company for mineral oil products in Munich in 1929, is today part of Freudenberg Chemical Specialties SE & Co. KG, a Business Group of the Freudenberg Group, Weinheim. Klüber Lubrication has about 2,000 employees across 30 countries.

About Freudenberg Chemical Specialties

Freudenberg Chemical Specialties develops, manufactures and markets chemical specialties. In order to be as close as possible to customers, the company has a global market presence comprising five brands: Klüber Lubrication, Chem-Trend, OKS, SurTec and Capol. Freudenberg Chemical Specialties is one of the world's leading manufacturers of specialty lubricants, release agents, chemo-technical maintenance products as well as surface treatment and electroplating solutions. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, Freudenberg Chemical Specialties operates in about 40 countries via its own companies. In 2015, the Business Group employed a workforce of around 3,300 and generated a turnover of approx. Euro 960 million.

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