Sustainability at Klüber Lubrication India in 2017

March 16. 2018

Sustainability at Klüber Lubrication India in 2017

Success with Sustainability in Klüber Lubrication India in 2017

Since our inception in India, Klüber Lubrication has been working on Sustainability projects. We are working very closely with our customers and helping them reach their energy saving goals and creating a better and safer environment for our generations to come.

“Klüber Lubrication is supporting customers with its services and products to be more sustainable. Our special lubricants help to reduce friction and wear.

We are extending the lifetime of those parts and safe investments for our customers and unnecessary waste of resources of materials those parts are manufactured of. Reducing the friction often results in less energy consumption. Klüber Lubrication India has contributed to the Indian society an energy saving of 748,412 KWh, which is an equivalent of 655 tons CO2 emission savings.

One of our six guiding principles of our mother company Freudenberg is RESPONSIBILITY and describes our highest standards to ensure a safe working place with our products and to protect our environment. We at Klüber Lubrication follow a strict Material Compliance Management in order to achieve the goal of this guideline. We have a broad range of lubricants that are biodegradable and of renewable resources while achieving high performance in the application.

Our newest innovation are our hydro lubricants. These water based lubricants offer:

Health Environment and Security is important to us. We are not only protecting our workers in our own facilities across the world while producing our products but also our customer’s employees in their premises while using our products.   

Sustainability is important to us.  We help our customers to find a solution to improve their sustainability targets”, says Sebastian Homborg, CEO Klüber Lubrication India.

Taking our mission forward in 2018, we have already initiated many Energy Efficiency projects, with our customers, continuously striving to increase our handprint and reducing our footprint.



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