Designing CV joints for electric vehicles with the right lubricant partner

The lubrication requirements of Constant Velocity ( CV) joints in an electric vehicle is quite different to that of the CV joint in an internal combustion engine. The CV joints in an electric vehicle have to operate with higher initial torque being provided by the electric motor. This leads the CV joint to be subjected to higher wear during the starting phase itself, as lubricant may not be available at the mating surfaces during the start of the vehicle.

This has been a challenge for the grease in CV joints due to the higher load and herewith the potential higher operating temperature. Those new requirements are asking for greases with better load capacity and lowest friction as possible.

The earlier generation lubricants used for the design of the CV joint are not able to meet the higher torque operating conditions. This has led to higher temperatures, oil leakage from the grease and higher evaporation of the grease in the CV joint. These adverse operating conditions have even led to the CV joint boot to blow up during operation.

Klüber Lubrication, a world market leader in speciality lubricants, has developed and successfully implemented the Klübersynth HE 74-81 as the right solution for CV joints even for the electric vehicles. This specially engineered fully synthetic grease comes with a special polyurea thickener which ensures that the lubricant provides excellent lubrication property. This grease also provides excellent false brinelling property which also ensures that the CV joint do not undergo wear during vehicle on vehicle transport or during drives on straight roads.

"We are happy to be chosen as the innovation partner by multiple CV joint manufacturers around the world, for developing the right lubricant for the new CV joints to be used in the electric cars. With our extensive knowledge in dealing with applications where higher torques are available right at the start, we were able to quickly come up with the solution in the form of Klübersynth HE 74-81. We feel projects like these are a step in the direction of partnering with many more designers, to develop the vehicles for the future together" says Hitendra Bhargava , CEO Klüber Lubrication India Pvt Ltd.

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