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Keeping an eye on all lubrication points, scheduling timely maintenance, and detecting wear at an early stage: plant managers and maintenance technicians need to keep their machinery in good working order. The aim is to achieve high machine availability with a minimum of personnel and low costs, along with the least possible downtime.

Klüber Lubrication supports its customers with digital solutions for Total Productive Management (TPM). With these services, you can continually analyse the condition of your machinery, and you have an overview of the associated lubrication tasks and dates in a central location. The solution evaluates real-time sensor data as well as laboratory analyses of lubricant samples and historical data. This gives you an optimal basis for highly efficient maintenance processes.

Work with us on a shared digital vision

Together with you, we develop a tailored solution that allows you to maintain an overview of your specific applications. You benefit from sensor-based interpretation of your lubricant data, combined with the tribological expertise of our experts. As a result, you can see the status of your machines and lubricants in real time, carry out maintenance on your machinery exactly when necessary, and eventually prevent unscheduled downtime. This way you boost the efficiency of your machinery and reduce maintenance activities, and in turn, your total cost of ownership (TCO), whilst receiving valuable data for continual improvement of your maintenance activities.

All data and functions in the same place: Klüber Lubrication EfficiencyManager

With the EfficiencyManager the data of all equipment relevant to maintenance is documented in one place and represented in a straightforward way. The digital maintenance platform compiles the details of upcoming maintenance tasks. It also captures completed actions and processes, clearly understandable for all employees concerned and in line with the legal regulations for documentation and audits. The EfficiencyManager can be used on all terminal devices, is intuitive, and is constantly being extended with new features.

Individual digital solutions – get started with us!

In heavy industry and food production, the marine sector, oil & gas industry or robotics, the requirements on lubrication points and their maintenance are as diverse as our customers. Utilise the knowledge of our experts. We look for innovative and visionary manufacturers, OEM suppliers and users as partners for collaboration in the development of individualised digital solutions.

We combine all competences and services related to our high-performance specialty lubricants in our Total Productive Management (TPM), and we are constantly developing new and innovative solutions.

Your benefits with Klüber Lubrication Total Productive Management (TPM)

  • Individual solutions for your applications: Together with you, our experts develop exactly the right applications for your digital future.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Based on real-time sensor data, supported by laboratory analyses, if required – stored, interpreted and visualised in a single place
  • Continuous cost optimisation Lower maintenance costs, less unexpected downtime and constant improvement boost your efficiency and reduce your operating costs (total cost of ownership).
  • EfficiencyManager – a central portal for all aspects of your asset management: An overview of all machines, their components relevant to maintenance and the products to be used – including upcoming actions, documentation and analysis.

An example: online condition monitoring

Equipment in remote locations, for example for exploration of new deposits in the oil and gas industry, place very high demands on maintenance management. They are deployed on demand, in many cases under harsh environmental conditions and with tight schedules. In this situation, unplanned downtime and improvised maintenance incur high costs and logistics effort.

The solution is digital monitoring of lubrication points using online condition monitoring. Sensors monitor application parameters and oil quality. IoT gateways send the acquired data for centralised evaluation in the secure cloud. This allows your operators and maintenance technicians to constantly keep an eye on every machine or system. Maintenance needs are detected and scheduled at an early stage, and warnings are sent if the set limits are exceeded. More detailed analysis is performed on demand, instead of too often or not often enough as in the past. This enables cost savings by eliminating unexpected downtime and unnecessary analysis of oil samples. At the same time, the data can be used for continual improvement of lubrication processes in close cooperation with the experts of Klüber Lubrication.

The result is higher efficiency, less downtime, and lower costs (TCO).

Klüber Lubrication’s Total Productive Management (TPM) services at a glance

Maintenance management: Keeping a grip on your processes
All plants, machines and maintenance-related components in your production facility are clearly displayed for suitable management of lubrication and maintenance tasks. A database for maintenance technicians, plant managers and operators enables high efficiency and standardised processes. Another advantage is simplification of effective knowledge transfer amongst operating personnel. Integrated audit support enables optimal compliance documentation.

Performance analysis: Lubrication to match specific requirements
Based on on-site inspections and laboratory analyses of collected samples, you obtain a clear overview of the status of your machines and lubricants. Trend visualisations of historical data, in combination with our experts, allow the derivation of maintenance measures.

Machine Monitoring: Basis for predictive maintenance
Inline sensors measure the condition of your machines, gear units, chains and oils. This way you maintain an overview with data, notifications and action recommendations in real time, even machinery located elsewhere, such as in the oil and gas industry, mobile machines, railway and marine applications. This facilitates exactly schedulable predictive maintenance instead of maintenance at fixed intervals. Greater transparency saves you unnecessary travel, time and expenses whilst reducing downtime and unexpected repair needs.

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