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At ITMA, the world’s leading trade fair for the textile industry, it’s all about showcasing innovations that help to bring the efficiency and productivity of textile and garment manufacturers forward. This year, ITMA takes place from 8 to 14 June and we are very excited to show you everything about our specialty lubricants and services up close and personal.

In fact, our specialty lubricants play a key role when it comes to improving the efficiency and reaching the sustainability targets of essential processes of textile manufacturing – from spinning and knitting over weaving to finishing.

Combine high component reliability with extended maintenance intervals and permanently reduce life cycle costs, by using the right lubricant.

Our experts will explain to you how you can benefit from our solutions in hall H2, stand E202.

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  • "The top priority for me and my team is to understand the specific lubrication challenges faced by textile manufacturers and to identify the right lubrication solutions that will improve customer productivity, efficiency and cost effectiveness." (JiFeng Lv, Sales Area Manager, Klüber Lubrication China)

    Meet JiFeng and the team at ITMA from June 8-14 in hall H2, booth E202 in order to discuss your personal requirements.

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How can you benefit?

Efficiency in garment and textile manufacturing does not only depend on using high-performing textile machines, but also the right lubricants to keep the machines going and uphold productivity. Since lubricants are essential elements of textile machines, they have to match the individual component requirements to ensure that an optimal performance is achieved in terms of efficiency.

As industry partner, we are constantly collaborating with the suppliers of original textile machine equipment (OEMs). Thanks to our close cooperations, substantial improvements have been achieved in the service life and efficiency of textile manufacturing equipment used for spinning, knitting, weaving, and finishing.

Advantages of our specialty lubricant and service portfolio:

  • Longer relubrication intervals
  • Extended equipment life
  • Reduced downtime and higher productivity
  • Reduced energy consumption by optimized lubrication in many applications as chains, gearboxes, compressors, needles and rolling bearings
  • Excellent scouring properties for knitting oils
  • Biodegradable and GOTS approved lubricants, to support you in achieving your sustainability targets
  • Digital Lubricant Condition Analysis for precise predictive maintenance
  • Support from our experts all over the world

Increased efficiency for all textile production processes

Spinning, knitting, weaving or finishing – regardless of which textile production step your machines perform, our specialty lubricants are suitable for an application. The result is: higher productivity, lower consumption of valuable resources, and prolonged equipment life.

image spinning
image knitting
image weaving
image finishing

Spinning: Excellent corrosion protection

Suppliers of original textile machine equipment and operators from all over the world have been trusting our greases for rolling bearings in machines used for yarn production. Thanks to the high-quality base oils and special additive packages, customers can reliably protect their equipment and extend maintenance intervals even under high workloads and fast-running production conditions.

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Knitting: Longer service life and minimum maintenance requirements 

As textile customers’ expectations and demands rise, high performance knitting machines need to deliver immaculate quality faster than ever. To efficiently manage this growing workload, high-quality knitting oils have to be applied.

With their high level corrosion protection, they increase the lifetime of needles, sinkers and other stitch forming elements. Our knitting oils can be easily removed from the fabric with conventional washing recipes thanks to their excellent scouring properties. On top, they easily match organic production requirements as they are heavy metal free and GOTS 6.0 approved.

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Weaving: Long maintenance intervals due to minimum-quantity lubrication 

Protecting gearboxes and other essential parts of weaving looms over long periods of time is quite important to prevent downtimes and keep the productivity at a high level. The special formulation of our synthetic gear oils reliably provides long-term protection with less energy consumption for weaving looms even for years (compared to standard synthetic gear oils).

We can enhance weaving loom lubrication even further by offering reliable preventive maintenance and relubrication time optimization. Our innovative digital lubricant analysis service (LuCa) supports you on the regular and continuous checking of the condition of lubrication and lubricants. As a result, you can save costs and also contribute to greater sustainability since lower amounts of lubricants are required.

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Finishing machines and stenter frames: Resistance and less residue 

Finishing machines for textile production have to continuously carry high workloads under the most demanding conditions as water, steam, and high temperatures. Acidic and alkaline solutions add further difficulties to the textile finishing processes. All these kinds of parameters need to be considered carefully to make sure to prevent downtimes and, in turn, uphold the highest efficiency.

Benefit from specialty lubricants and improve the efficiency of transport chain parts as well as transport chain roller bearings by keeping chain parts clean and smoothly running for a higher protection and less energy consumption – even at high temperatures up to 260˚C. 

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Talk to our specialists at ITMA about your tailor-made solutions

  • You are looking for reliable lubricant solutions to boost the efficiency of your garment and textile production? 

    "Klüber Lubrication has many years of experience in the textile industry and a comprehensive product portfolio for all subsegments of textile production. Based on your specific requirements, our highly capable R&D department develops special lubricants for all your textile applications." (Livia Chen, Head of Global Textile Team and Çağrı Güngör, Market Development Manager, Klüber Lubrication Munich)

    Join us at ITMA between June 8 and 14 in hall H2, booth E202. We look forward to talk about your individual textile production requirements.

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Lower your costs while boosting productivity

Become more sustainable while optimizing the efficiency of the production at the same time? Don’t miss how our products and services helped to improve the textile production processes while gaining better cost-effectiveness - and this is only one example.

What was the goal? Our global experts worked together with a knitting company in Europe which has 30 knitting machines for its knitted fabric production. The main target was to decrease the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by using Klüberoil TEX 1-32 N – our high performance and biodegradable knitting oil.  

How did we support? To transparently determine the energy savings achieved by our cooperation, the KlüberEnergy service was used.

What was the result? According to the energy consumption measurements on site, our customer achieved an energy saving of 4,7 % with a quite significant temperature decrease on the knitting machines – way better results compared to a competitor knitting oil. Beside this energy saving, the company achieved to increase the lifetime of their needles by 20 % and a decrease of oil consumption by 18 %. Not only could the textile company improve their handprint, the energy saving also lead to considerable cost reductions while keeping the production at a high level.

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    "I have worked for Klüber Lubrication for over 20 years and have sold lubricants to the textile industry for over 34 years. I love this industry, the people and companies. Textiles touch everyone in the world. We make sure our products meet the stringent growing environmental demands. We can offer substantial sustainability savings to parts of the world. This is what keep my enthusiasm up every day. Textiles worldwide is a big family." (Charles Poston, Market Manager Textile, Klüber Lubrication USA)

    Meet our experts at the ITMA in Milan from 08 to 14 June 2023 and learn how we can provide you with tailor-made solutions that optimize productivity and efficiency. We are looking forward to your visit in hall H2, stand E202.

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