A quarter century dedicated to environmental protection and sustainability

Klüber Lubrication was the first company in Munich to be certified according to EMAS 25 years ago

Munich, 03 July 2021 – As early as 25 years ago, as the first company in Munich, the Klüber Lubrication headquarters had its environmental management system certified according to EMAS. Commonly known as the EU eco-audit, EMAS assesses whether a management system adequately meets all requirements in order to continuously improve the environmental impact in terms of sustainable development. Beyond environmental protection, the main aim of the 'Eco-Management and Audit Scheme' developed by the EU is to improve eco-efficiency. EMAS ensures that all environmental aspects, from energy consumption to waste and emissions, are implemented in a legally secure and transparent manner. The certification of Klüber Lubrication in 1996 represented an important milestone on the company's long-established path to a responsible and careful use of resources.

“At the time of the certification, environmental protection and sustainability were far from being part of the general consciousness”, explains Markus Hermann, Sustainability Manager at Klüber Lubrication. “It was clear to us, however, that when it comes to environmental protection, we cannot wait until something is legally required, but that we wanted to address certain developments proactively. Since Klüber Lubrication had a good chemical management early on and had invested in extensive environmental protection measures such as water collecting tanks and exhaust air systems, the prerequisites for this were good. Our established quality management system also provided a good structural basis to meet the stringent requirements of EMAS. In addition, the environmental management systems of all European production sites were subsequently validated. Today they are certified at all twelve production sites ​​worldwide according to the internationally recognized ISO 14001 standard, as well as according to other relevant standards such as workplace safety.”

Klüber Lubrication today is still one of the pioneers in the sustainable development of highly efficient specialty lubricants. The tribology expert not only places the highest demands on its own production and the raw materials used, but also helps its customers to reduce their own footprint. By using custom-fit specialty lubricants from Klüber Lubrication, operators can avoid energy loss, components remain functional for a longer time and valuable resources can be conserved along the entire value chain. In the R&D department of Klüber Lubrication, trend-setting specialty lubricants are developed and brought to product maturity, for example the water-based Hydro Lubricants or the EAL lubricants for use in sensitive areas such as the oceans.

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