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REACH registration deadlines

The registration of substances under REACH is subject to a detailed timetable set by ECHA. Klüber Lubrication meets the stipulated deadlines. Therefore, all the substances we use in our speciality lubricans have been pre-registered or registered as specified by REACH.

REACH requires all chemical substances on the European market to be registered by 2018.  For registration,  manufacturers and importers are required to submit a detailed substance dossier to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) for each substance within a given period if they market between one and 100 tons of a substance per year in Europe. No data, no market: according to this principle only registered substances can be manufactured, imported and used in Europe.

For substances exceeding the aforementioned import or production quantity, the registration deadlines have already expired (see  diagram). All these chemical substances have already been registered.

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